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Canucks spam

Eee!!! Nazzy article!!!

"It's a lot of fun to play with those guys," Naslund said. "Todd opens up so much room out there. He's a horse. And Brendan's speed creates so many chances for us."

According to Canucks coach Marc Crawford, their chemistry extends far beyond the ice.

Dude!!! So fucking blatant! Ahh, being attacked by rabid Natuzzison bunny! *cowers*

"There's a lot of kibitzing that goes on between Naslund and Bertuzzi," he said. "Mo is right there with them. Mo doesn't take a backseat to anyone with the banter that goes on in the room. Those guys like each other. They respect one another's talents and push each other, which is good for the team."

*whimpers* Oh god ... and Mo might as while be right there with them cos' he's gonna be kept up anyways. *grin* And dude, if Mo doesn't take the backseat then who does? Todd? :) And I'm sure they're all very talented and do lots of pushing. *nods*

"He's a good guy to be around," said Bertuzzi of Naslund. "He's always entertaining. We have pretty close personalities and our careers are taking the same paths. That's helped bring us together."

*weeps* I so love Natuzzi! So so love them! And oh man ... no embellishment necessary to Bert's comments. :P

Eee and then Nazzy name-dropped and he mentioned Sunny. Okay, yeah, he mentioned Foppa first, but I'm going to block that out, just like I block out whore's hunting. *cries*

Oh my, I'm so light-headed now.
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