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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Canucks spam

Eee!!! Nazzy article!!!

"It's a lot of fun to play with those guys," Naslund said. "Todd opens up so much room out there. He's a horse. And Brendan's speed creates so many chances for us."

According to Canucks coach Marc Crawford, their chemistry extends far beyond the ice.

Dude!!! So fucking blatant! Ahh, being attacked by rabid Natuzzison bunny! *cowers*

"There's a lot of kibitzing that goes on between Naslund and Bertuzzi," he said. "Mo is right there with them. Mo doesn't take a backseat to anyone with the banter that goes on in the room. Those guys like each other. They respect one another's talents and push each other, which is good for the team."

*whimpers* Oh god ... and Mo might as while be right there with them cos' he's gonna be kept up anyways. *grin* And dude, if Mo doesn't take the backseat then who does? Todd? :) And I'm sure they're all very talented and do lots of pushing. *nods*

"He's a good guy to be around," said Bertuzzi of Naslund. "He's always entertaining. We have pretty close personalities and our careers are taking the same paths. That's helped bring us together."

*weeps* I so love Natuzzi! So so love them! And oh man ... no embellishment necessary to Bert's comments. :P

Eee and then Nazzy name-dropped and he mentioned Sunny. Okay, yeah, he mentioned Foppa first, but I'm going to block that out, just like I block out whore's hunting. *cries*

Oh my, I'm so light-headed now.

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*fans self* Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dude!!! So fucking blatant! Ahh, being attacked by rabid Natuzzison bunny! *cowers*

lol! Natuzzison... *drools* I think I like that image ;)

Well you know, they have a lot of chemistry off the ice. ;)

Please excuse me while I hyperventilate.

*Spazzes* SOO AWESOME!!! *hugs you* aaaaaaahhhh he mentioned sunny and foppa *giggles* I so love them *licks Mo* and *squeeee*

LOL that was soo incoherient :D

and hunting really is different than most people think it is. Its not like game hunting or anything, not that I'd ever do it but I always feel obliged to mention that its not as bad as it seems :)

*hugs* He did!!! Eee ... they gotta be close, umm you know, close *ahem* Ahh and Mo, so cute!!!

How is hunting different from game hunting? I mean ... don't you hunt game when you go hunting? *boggle*

*grin* so close hehehe you know it!


Sorry I mean like trophy hunting *gg* You know liek hunting as a 'sport' rather than as fun and then having meat to eat.

*squeee*! Could they make it any more obvious? I mean really :))))))
Thank you SO much for this. Tis made my day *GRIN*

I know!!! Hmm the person who wrote the article is a woman - wonder if she's a slasher, LOL! But then you can't fake quotes, so ...

*sighs happily*

*GRIN* I wonder indeed LOL!

*sighs happily as well*

Hey Mae!

Even though you don't actually play any characters, we figured that you might want to know what's going on. So, today, we made a community for those of us involved in fake!land to post plotlines and such, basically so we know what's going on.

I added you and I hope you add this to your friends list and all that fun stuff.

The community is asthepuckdrops.


Hey Becky!

Thanks very much for adding me! Now I won't be three relationships behind anymore. ;)

*giggle* And love the name of the community!!!

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