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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Monday Night Football!

Hello, and happy birthday to rihani!

So the 49ers have apparently been picked by more than a few people to win the NFC West. Ahahahahahahahahaha. But then I looked at the other teams in the division. I'm still not entirely sold on them being actually, like, good this season. But I'm hoping for decent. I think Seattle will be better, because Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander were injured last season and I don't think that will happen again. Also, the element of surprise - as in ahahahahahahaha 49ers! Oops, *loses* - is probably not going to be there as much, so that's another worrisome thing.

But I'm optimistic. :)

Super cheap lower box tickets for the Giants game tonight (Lincecum starting!) on Craigslist but I can't go cos' I have work to do. :( I think Zito is maintaining his stupid facial hair. :( :( :(

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I'm hoping that they make it to the playoffs...don't know about the division. I loved the way the defense looked last night, though. My voice is almost back from all the yelling I did. :P

Well, they're in the NFC West. It's easier to win the division than get a wildcard spot. ;) I'm relieved that Nate Clements played well--sometimes guys have problems after they sign big long-term contracts. I'm just happy with all the babies!

Ah yes, there are those other divisions with multiple good teams. :) There were some people who picked the Niners to get a wildcard, so...I don't know. If they made it in, I'd be ecstatic. Last night was positive overall. On to St. Louis!

I guess the NFC is just full of chumps in general. :P One positive from last night is that they know they have stuff to work on this week for Sunday. I always look forward to seeing them play, win or lose (since it used to always be lose, hahaha).

AWE MAN! Too bad you didn't go. You probably would've heard me. I went with my friend and her older sister. It was delightful. My parents said they could hear me yell on T.V. when Hennessey blew the game and a few other times. Yes... I scream that loud.

Haha, awesome. I'm going to try to go to at least one more game before the season ends. Hopefully Lincecum has another home start that I can make. One more chance to look for you! :P

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