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Cain gets Cained

Dilly dallied for too long this morning and didn't have time to hit the gym, so instead I decided to walk-jog up and down Telegraph Hill twice. Was pretty good intensity-wise and I'll probably do it again. Much prefer it to running on the road as that kills my shins. It energized me too!

Watched the finale of A Model Life today. I really enjoyed it and I'm glad everyone ended up happy. Angelika probably will be too in the long run. I think it's so much nicer to watch a group of girls get along and love each other (and engage in UAGP) than to watch a competition of people plotting and scheming against each other. That just has no appeal for me at all. Guess that's why I don't watch reality TV for the most part. :P

I went to the Giants game today in a tank top and shorts. Everyone else was all bundled up in long pants and jackets. People seem to dress by how the day looks rather than how warm it actually is, and it was warm today, just completely overcast. Some old guy hit on me while I was waiting for my roommate and her sister. :( Okay, so he's probably not much older than I am, but... I look younger than I am! So he was hitting on someone who was sort of 20 years younger than him? Eww.

Matt Cain pitched well aside from giving up the 2 solo home runs, and so did Brad Penny. I don't know why they would pull him after he only threw 82 pitches. It's not like the bullpen was going to do any better--and they didn't. Of course, Cain got stuck with a no decision. Also, I was raving about Rajai Davis and his amazing catches in the outfield, and then he promptly made one like 10 minutes later. I'm all prescient and shit!

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