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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Stardust, baseball fic

Watched Stardust last night and really, really liked it. :) It's an unconventional fantasy adventure (when did fantasy get conventional?) with lots of humour and pretty visuals and great acting, including Michelle Pfeiffer being evil and Robert de Niro being... hilarious, plus lots of memorable minor characters.

Go see it if in you're in the mood for something fun and heartwarming. :) I usually don't pimp, but the movie had a horrible marketing campaign, so I feel like I should evangelize or something. :P

I have more baseball fic. There's just one more (longish) one in me *wink* then I'm done. Really. *looks around shiftily*

Umm, sorry, I couldn't find a nice picture of Lowry (didn't look that hard, admittedly) so I present this screenshot of them flirting instead! (Shortly before Zito SPITS ON HIM, eww.)

Title: Never After Four
Rating: NC-17, graphic sex
Characters: Barry Zito, Noah Lowry.
Author's Notes: Written from Zito's POV. Zito and Haren were teammates in Oakland, Lowry and Haren were teammates and roommates at Pepperdine.

Never After Four

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I love that picture!

I really want to see Stardust

Lowry: Barry, I love you!
Zito: PTUI!

Yes, go see Stardust! Bring friends! Hey, were you at the game today? I went with my roommate and her sister and I was like, yeah, so Matt Cain is totally going to get screwed over. Then they brought in Rajai Davis to pinch run and I was like, ooh, I love Rajai Davis, he steals bases and he's all enthusiastic and he makes amazing catches in the outfield! And then the next inning he immediately made a great catch, haha.

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