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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Baseball stole my summer

The NFL season starts tonight and hockey starts next month and OMG baseball stole my summer.

Had some Widmer Hefeweizen last night (fresh, pretty damn good, but still the Pyramid Hefeweizen at the Coliseum remains unmatched) at Burgermeister last night (with a kids' cheeseburger, haha) and it looks like Hefeweizen is the ticket for me. It gets me drunk without turning red or getting nauseous and I can actually drink a reasonable amount of it. I'm going to become a lush! :D

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lushes of the world unite!!

I love hefeweizen! Both of those brews are very yummy, and not sure if you do this, but I love lemon in mine. So...cheers, skål, kanpai!

Ahh yes, they always serve them with lemon here! Goes so well together. :)

"...and I can actually drink a reasonable amount of it."

Look out!

Muahaha, nice icon. Yeah, where reasonable for me is like... half a beer! :P

It is a truly strange and magical beer! I must visit you and partake of the delicious Burgermeister and Hefe again, only without losing stuff this time.

Yes! I shall somehow save space for the avocado cheeseburger, mmm.

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