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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Barry Zito

Zito gay

So, as I was walking to work today, I saw this:

Yeah, I don't know. And somehow "Zito gay" is better than "Zito is gay".

Was thinking about making an icon, but I don't know. Me and icons are like penguins--we mate for life. Fuck it, someone who was once my strange obsession gets to have an icon. :P

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Haha, I like "Zito gay." It sounds like a subsection of gay, and probably a fascinating one at that.

Oh dude, I hadn't even thought of it that way! Do you think his pitcher harem is Zito gay too?

Random graffitists and I agree, Zito [is] gay!

I think seeing that is the highlight of my day!

Ahahahaha brilliant! I love Abby's thought that it's a subsection of gay! ;)

(And yes, I'm the same way about icons. I really should do a severe cleanup but I keep flailing between "yes, absolutely" and "no, must keep forever!"...)

I guess it's more the icon keywords that I keep forever (then change the images every now and then) so I'm reluctant to add new ones.

Ahahahahahaha! best graffiti ever!

That rocks! It's almost like going down a list:

1. Mulder - hot
2. Haren - hairy
3. Zito - gay


Pretty much. "Haren hairy" would be awesome to see around the city. :)

Lol, you do have like a bizillion icons.

Oh man, if you think I'm bad you should see the people (YES THAT IS YOU, MY FRIENDS LIST!) who get the 100 extra icons or whatever. :P

Well he does like to give it in the butt. But.... please tell where that is so I can make it:


Montgomery and Sutter! I will be looking out for this!

Ahaha, I'm not even sure who that is, but that is ten shades of awesome :D

It's a baseball player. He actually is pretty gay. :P

Wow. That's so great I don't even know what to say.

Totally the highlight of my day! :D

Referring to what everyone else said, I think you should add in marker tomorrow, 'That's so' above 'Zito gay.' It'll be the new hip catch phrase. :P

I'm waiting to see if ohemileegee will carry out her modification plan!

Hahahhhaaa I'm surprised Abby came up with the subset of gays. I mean. Well. I guess it's not a difficult thought, but I think I've been reading too many of those.. macros? Whatever. With the cats. So I read it as "Zito is gay" but in that cat-speak or ... whatever it is. If you don't know what I'm talking about (but you should since you like invented the internet and know everyone on it) then this would probably be a very strange paragraph.

The lolcats? Oh yeah, that kind of works too! God, this thing is going to cheer me up whenever I see it.

I've ordered my Friday Night Lights S1 DVD!

Heh. Give that fan a prize.

I love that it's in the financial district, in full view of loads of traffic that passes that spot every day. Wonder if it's still there today.

ayrdaomei pointed me over here and OMG suddenly I miss The City like crazy.

Do you mind if i icon it for myself?

Hee, go ahead, just credit the picture to me.

Dude, this is (was?) at Montgomery and Sutter, muahahaha!

I suppose that working day was livelier than the others!
I should hold my camera when I am out, too. I see so many werird things on my way to work.... I love urban culture!!

Anyway, after so long, I am here specially to thank you for adding me as friend.
Bye for now!

It definitely made me very happy! :D

I Googled your hometown and found all these beautiful pictures! You live in a very nice area. :)

Aww, hee, you're welcome! And hello! :)

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