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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants starting pitchers

To the left, to the left

Had a sleepover *squeaks* at Lira's last night and we watched Igby Goes Down, which is essentially a movie comprising entirely of all variety of awkward scenes, and then embarked on a traumatic search for half naked pictures of Zito (found several, argh), culminating in the discovery that Barry Zito dresses to the left (to the left).

Joining Mike Piazza's wife's naked boobs as an image forever burned into my brain is Barry Zito's dick.

Also, I see that despite Zito pitching really well, the Giants lost, i.e. he was Cained (after Matt Cain, who several times this season allowed only 1 or 2 runs, yet was stuck with a loss or no decision).

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You found half-naked pictures of Barry Zito? I am morbidly curious for some unexplainable reason >.>

Yes, we did. And in one of them, Haren was lurking half-naked in the background.

Oh, we share the same morbid curiosity. That's why we kept looking and looking...

Yes, we did. And in one of them, Haren was lurking half-naked in the background.

What! Is there a link somewhere? :P

I think Lira is going to post them. I'm not sure if I've recovered enough to look at Zito's half-naked body again.

I'm not on her flist :( I'll go look for them in Getty.

Oh, uhh, oops. It was from when Zito was in Oakland.

How in the world do you even discover something like that? What even leads to someone revealing which direction they dress? lol. It's boggling me.

*coughs* Getty.

There was a half-naked Dan Haren too, lurking in the background of one of the pictures.

*bursts into laughter*

I didn't think of pictures.

I can see it right now! *cries*

I have a morbid curiosity now, I need to see it myself lol.

To the left. xD


BURNED into my brain! *cries*

Good for him, though, his performance. He's been so good since Tim Hudson took him to lunch. :)

"took him to lunch."

Yeahhhhh. Suuuuuure.

also, wtf with naked ballplayers. i watched "the king of the hill" which is a documentary about ferguson jenkins in his last season with the cubs and there was definitely a bunch of shots of naked ballplayer ass during clubhouse interviews. like...hello, cameras!

They just really don't care who sees them naked! It's wonderful and upsetting at the same time.

It's really true! And why I am... both dismayed and sosograteful that I never covered a game. Imagine seeing what we saw IN PERSON!

You would so have seen Joe Thornton's schlong!!!


Actually, I meant why I was glad I never covered an A's game, because as traumatic as Joe's pale naked ass was to see, I really can't imagine seeing Zito's even paler naked ass. I think I would develop hysterical blindness or something.

...some of the babies in training camp got naked. :( I just kept my chin up and I think my brain killed my peripheral vision for my own safety.


Oh, man. Yes. That is like a completely different level of trauma. Ugh. Okay, my face is really contorted with disgust now. I will think about something else.


they really don't.

on youtube there is an interview with curt schilling in the red sox club house... and about a minute and a half into it jason varitek walks into the frame BUTT ASS NAKED and just goes over to his locker.

it is one of the greatest moments of film ever.

*sigh* Then there's the "classic" picture of Yzerman being interviewed while Shanny sits next to him completely naked eating a salad.

you gotta post! you can't hang me leaving like this! i'm too lazy to search for it ;x

Which parts of him do you want to see? :(



Only you girls would manage to find naked pictures such as those. ;)

Yes, only we are intrepid enough to go look! Haha.

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