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Owen Nolan is a sexy bitch

I went to the Sharks training camp today!!! There was good and bad ...

  • Sexy bitch captain
  • Grinning Finnish goaltender five feet in front of me
  • Hot hockey players


  • No Thorty
  • No Sunny
  • Not enough sleep

But the good far outweighed the bad because ... well, I've never seen hockey played live before. Never. Not even like a pick-up game or anything. Dude, the sound of the pucks hitting the glass was amazing to me.

So the day didn't start too well. While I was on my hour-and-a-half bus ride to San Jose, I noticed the guy sitting next to me was reading the sports section of the newspaper. I immediately zoomed in on the word hockey and firmly requested it from him. He obliged nervously. Then I screamed inwardly as I read the following:

Left wing Scott Thornton will not participate in on-ice drills for the next couple days to allow more time for his surgically repaired left shoulder to heal.

Niklas Sundstrom remains in Sweden, his arrival delayed because of travel immigration issues.

Okay, here is Fi's optimistic interpretation of this: Thorty is in Sweden with Sunny and Sunny has conveniently lost his passport and they are screwing madly as I write this.

My comment on this is: Why is Sunny not being let into the country? He's a millionaire Swedish hockey player. Do they think he's going to turn Al Qaeda on our asses?

Hmm, anyway, so bummed by this news, but still forging ahead, I get there and wander stupidly around in the snacks area, and come face to face with a big goalie. Now I am 5'3". These guys are fucking giants to me. He sees a little kid smiling at him and he smiles back goofily. He's a giant in skates and he walks over with a little kid walk to shake hands with the actual kid, still giving a big Finnish grin.

This is Miikka Kiprusoff and I am dead. And I have never found him cute before. The morning just got a lot better. Maybe it's good neither Thorty or Sunny were around. I think if I'd come face to face with them, I would have keeled over (probably crushing a little kid in the process).

So I head over to the rink. I've brought a little journal with me so I can scribble fic ideas - I wrote stuff for Cerulean Sky, Boyd's Journey, Nazzy fic and Cherry Almond (Scott/Sunny PWP smut) on the bus - and I start scribbling notes about the day so far. The rookies come out and start shooting pucks. I fall in love with the sound of pucks hitting the glass. I've never heard it live before. It's beautiful. I keep writing.

Then I see Owen Nolan and my pen is frozen in place for the next forty-five minutes.

I was considering noting down which players were hot, then I realized it was useless because they are all hot. Seriously. Even *scuffs feet and whispers*
Mike Ricci.

You could really tell the veterans from the rookies. Their skating was just so much better, and puck-handling skills, shot accuracy, passing, etc ... just much better overall. I didn't see any of the rookies really stand out, except Ryan Kraft. He rocked.

Then Owen Nolan scored this beautiful breakaway goal and put a stupid smile on my face that didn't go away until the scrimmage ended.

I was considering hanging around after to stalk, err, see the players, but I figured if Miikka, who had no effect on me at all before today caused me to freeze like a deer in the headlights, I probably wouldn't do too well in the presence of, say, Owen Nolan.

And sorry, Lira, for screaming like a silly fangirl at you after the scrimmage. I'd just had 45 minutes of hot hockey players ... *grin*

I wonder, if this is how I react to a 45 minute scrimmage, what watching an actual game will be like. *grin*

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