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Have you drooled over CS today?

Well I had a very nice CS-drenched weekend. Thank you so much, Neo! *weeps* Like he wasn't awe-inspiring enough before, now he's sexy beyond the shadow of a doubt. *sighs happily*

I'm still not sure whether his sexiness helped or hindered writing Cerulean Sky. Like, I spent so much time just staring at it, just ... staring ... but at the same time it got me into even more of a CS mood.

Great, and now I have CS smut bunnies. *sigh* Ack, and now I'm thinking D&D CS would be a paladin. *screams* Damn you for being so sexy!

Oh, I forgot to mention a slash idea that Chip came up with a while ago ... cloneslash! His idea is that Stevie Y would be cloned so it would be Stevie/Stevie.

And I was watching the trailer for The Two Towers and they used the music from Requiem for a Dream for it! It was a different arrangement but definitely the same music! So cool and so perfect!
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