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The Invincible M.A.E.

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The best laid plans ...

So I should have been done with the third part of Cerulean Sky by now, but I'm not. I'm about half-way through, which is where I was last night at about 2 AM. I was going to finish it this morning.

Just before I crawled into bed, I returned Chip's call to find out he and Alex were stumbling home drunkenly with Chip's three equally drunk cousins who they'd run into inexplicably while walking home.

They were really fucked up. Well Chip and Alex were, Chip's cousins were just giddy. Even more of a crazy coincidence that they would have met because two of his cousins live in LA and they're just visiting this weekend.

I now understand why Alex doesn't talk when he's drunk. I watched him try to put a sentence together for twenty minutes. He kept referring to me and Chip's cousins as "ladies" and called Chip a "gentleman". *dies* I think eventually he abruptly stumbled off into his bedroom cos' he realized he was being an idiot. *giggle*

[Tammy, on hearing about Alex: I'm pretty sure that's why you see Russians drinking alone in dark rooms.]

Then as Chip and I were going to sleep he started babbling about how all his cousins are really fine (they are) and was like, "Damn, that sucks!" To which I responded, "Because y'all are too close in the gene pool?" To which he nodded and repeated about five times how he wishes that they were his sisters cos' they're really cool but he barely knows them right now.

So that leads me to now, 1 PM and slightly hungover (Alex decided it wasn't right for me to be the only sober person around) and staring at what I've written of CS somewhat anxiously, because, well, it's about the Legion of Doom, and I don't know that much about them and Flannery and Maria are such die-hard Flyers fans and I'm all worried. *bites nails* And I don't know if the way I've written things makes sense. That's one of the problems with insanity. If you're insane, just because it makes sense to you doesn't mean it makes sense to anyone else. Other than that, insanity is a lot of fun.

But ... if I was to succumb to worries like that I would never have written anything at all. So I'm gonna go finish it.

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Lol..I thought for some reason that his cousins were boys, which made Alex's comments all the more hysterical.

LOL! They were both still drunk this morning when they woke up *grin* Or rather, this afternoon.

*giggles* poor you getting not much writing done but soo funny

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