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UAGP featuring models!!!

So, I've been watching A Model Life because I really love Petra Nemcova and she's kind of the host, I guess, of the show? Anyway, the girls all live together in a hotel suite and get along really well, and I was watching last night and thinking, wouldn't it be awesome if they all started like, touching each other and stuff? (Shh, years of unfulfilled UAGP will do this to you! It was worth it, though. Hey, what the fuck? Whose hand is that on her boob? [Edit: I am told that it's Cindy's hand. This is acceptable.])

*ahem* Anyway, back to A Model Life. Later on in the show, they did in fact have a scene on a hotel bed with girls touching and giggling and pillow fights and lots and lots of touching on the bed and at one point they even had to pixelate Lucia's private parts. Ahh, good times.

I had the Giants game on last night but wasn't watching, then I hear "if you're a starter, you'd better be able to go deep", so of course that got my attention (heh) and I turned around and there's Zito flanked by his pitcher harem (Matt Cain and Noah Lowry). He was eating sunflower seeds then started licking his hand. So gross. Not like, a quick lick or anything, like slobbering over his palm. Eww. Then at the end he's flirting with Noah Lowry, and then spits right on him. He didn't miss, or go off course or anything. Nope, looking directly at him and spits. Noah didn't react at all, like he gets spit on every day. Maybe he does. :P (Clip is the most recent one here.)

[Edit: Forgot to mention, I migrated the HD fic index to my new website too. You have to be a member of the Hockey Dreams group to read the messages. Go bug littlestclouds to join. *throws her under the bus*]
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