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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Stupid beautiful convenient park

I scored nice below face value tickets for Sunday's Giants game from Craigslist for me and tersa. Would have been $26 each (before fees and taxes) but ended up paying only $35 for both. Yay! Oh oh, ohemileegee, our tickets are in Section 310 so I will finally be able to say hi if you're going to the game. You'll be there, right? After all Tiiiiiiiimmmmmmy is starting.

I will be in Texas during Sharks training camp. :( I expect LJ updates and pictures! Including about important things like which baby is hooking up with other baby!!!

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UGH! We always miss each other. I was there yesterday. We sold the tickets to today's game. AND today was Timehhhh baseball card day. :[

Haha, we do. I went up to your seats during the 6th inning and they were empty. There were a lot of cards in this year's pack! 32. Timmy was a bit off today. :( At least he got a no decision though, not a loss.

Man, I gotta make an icon for the Giants starting pitchers since I talk about them so much. :P

Empty? Weird.

I know. But you gotta give him a break, his grampa died what, a week ago? Poor guy. Thank god September's coming so he can't start over.
Wait... that means I have to get into Football.. DAMNIT.

You should! you should!

I thought it was more to do with him having pitched so well for so long. It happens to everyone, I think.

I will make an icon of Zito spitting on Noah! *shrieks*

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