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The Invincible M.A.E.

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We sat behind Marian Hossa the whole game

lastcatastrophe and I went to the Giants game last night and it was so much fun! :D

We called the result before the game--no decision for Zito, Cubs win. A little sad, because I would have liked Zito to win, but he did pitch a good game. Lira totally called the Zito inning (4th) but it was an abbreviated Zito inning, which is what he's been doing lately. He got a hit, though! And he was standing at first base for quite a while, and when he went into a crouch, his pants were stretched really tightly over his ass and and and... I was speechless. Lira sabotaged me too by showing me this hot B&W picture of him. I am disturbed! And my Zito bobblehead is staring at me accusingly (I... really don't know what that has to do with anything).

We were also sitting a row behind a guy who really looks like Marian Hossa from behind! I was really tempted to ask him if he would pose for a picture with me, but instead Lira just secretly took photos of him and me (making devious faces).

On the walk home after the game, I saw a couple of cute boys kissing on the street, all smiley and stuff. It was very sweet. :) Then today on the bus, I saw this old man carrying a laminated flyer titled UNDERWEAR PARTY with pictures of half-naked men, and one man in a leather thong being bent over a masked man's knee and having his bare ass spanked. This was not as sweet, but somewhat interesting. He was kind of waving that thing around, though, and I worry for the children and unsuspecting denizens of Chinatown.

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and where are the pictures?? ;)

Lira took them and they're friends-locked but I'll ask her about them when she posts more! :)

That only occurs in SF :p

(for everything!)

Pretty much! :D Umm, I haven't seen kissing before, though, just hand holding.

Lira sabotaged me too by showing me this hot B&W picture of him.

What picture would this be? ;P

What, there's more than one hot B&W picture of him??? *cries*

I vaguely recall seeing another one of him somewhere . . .

He was kind of waving that thing around, though, and I worry for the children and unsuspecting denizens of Chinatown.

I think on the bus one comes to suspect everything.

The back doors on the buses in SF don't open automatically (you have to take a step down, or push a bar on the door) so people have taken to screaming "BACK DOOR!" loudly whenever someone has issues getting out the back. It really alarms the tourists who are fearful of SF! *grin*

We have to do that in Boston, too. There's also the "NEXT STOP!" because the bells sometimes don't work. :)

For that authentic public transportation feel!

For the truly authentic feel we give inaccurate and/or incomprehensible directions to bewildered tourists. :)

Haha, yeah that's kind of the opposite of here. Approach the most angst-ridden Goth and they'd smile and be polite and super helpful.

*grin* It's possible to get accurate directions, it's just we tend to be a bit more pointy about it. I've noticed this is not the case in ...


um, apparently anywhere that isn't Boston. *facepalm*

LOL, I'll be wary if I ever visit! I've only sort of passed through, went straight from the airport to the Berkshires.

It's not that bad. On the other hand, I live here, so I'm immune to the insanity I think.

Ooh, Berkshires. Whereabouts?

I'm from Singapore, so I'm used to people being mean and rude and being an asshole to you by default so perhaps I'll be reminded of home!

I spent a week in Williamstown visiting a friend whose husband worked at Williams College. I went around Christmas time, just before the snow came. It was very pretty! :D

*laughs* I guess you would be. I wouldn't say people are mean and rude, but ... well, I usually just try to figure things out on my own. It's just when you have a car that it's hell.

Oooh. Williamstown is very nice. I go camping near there every year.

Boston's streets seem terrifying! I think immediately upon exiting the airport we were set upon by a one-way roundabout with no signs or arrows to indicate which direction traffic was going.

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