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We sat behind Marian Hossa the whole game

lastcatastrophe and I went to the Giants game last night and it was so much fun! :D

We called the result before the game--no decision for Zito, Cubs win. A little sad, because I would have liked Zito to win, but he did pitch a good game. Lira totally called the Zito inning (4th) but it was an abbreviated Zito inning, which is what he's been doing lately. He got a hit, though! And he was standing at first base for quite a while, and when he went into a crouch, his pants were stretched really tightly over his ass and and and... I was speechless. Lira sabotaged me too by showing me this hot B&W picture of him. I am disturbed! And my Zito bobblehead is staring at me accusingly (I... really don't know what that has to do with anything).

We were also sitting a row behind a guy who really looks like Marian Hossa from behind! I was really tempted to ask him if he would pose for a picture with me, but instead Lira just secretly took photos of him and me (making devious faces).

On the walk home after the game, I saw a couple of cute boys kissing on the street, all smiley and stuff. It was very sweet. :) Then today on the bus, I saw this old man carrying a laminated flyer titled UNDERWEAR PARTY with pictures of half-naked men, and one man in a leather thong being bent over a masked man's knee and having his bare ass spanked. This was not as sweet, but somewhat interesting. He was kind of waving that thing around, though, and I worry for the children and unsuspecting denizens of Chinatown.
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