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I have a soft spot for the 49ers

I am so excited about tonight's game! I'm also a little terrified since that's foul ball territory and I'm really bad with... things that are thrown at me. Presumably the people around me will be trying to catch foul balls, so I will depend on them to save me, should it come to that.

I did catch the Niners/Raiders game on Saturday, but failed to say anything about it. I have like, a disturbingly warm and fuzzy affection for Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Manny Lawson... even Patrick Willis, who I haven't even seen play yet, but he was our (our???) first round draft pick and he's got this life story of overcoming adversity and stuff. In typical Niners/Raiders fashion, there were alternating moments of triumph and incompetence - it was kind of hard to differentiate - but the Niners prevailed in the end! Which was meaningless since it was a pre-season game, but to see Alex Smith come in with confidence was so great. Ashley Lelie was... moderately impressive. I'm suspicious of him. He strikes me as one of those alligator arm types.

*covers abby20's eyes* Haren finally got his 14th win, and it was a close one. Seriously, he's kind of a stubborn ass and like, when he throws X number of pitches, he's just not good enough anymore and he doesn't want to admit it. Which I imagine is pretty common, but the manager is supposed to make the call in those cases, right? And like, sure, you don't want to screw with the psyche of the #1 starter, but umm, he's just going to bitch and moan and sulk anyway after he gives up another hit, so it just means you experience the bitching and moaning and sulking a little bit earlier. :P

Anyway, congrats to Haren. Give yourself a pat on the ass.
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