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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I have a soft spot for the 49ers

I am so excited about tonight's game! I'm also a little terrified since that's foul ball territory and I'm really bad with... things that are thrown at me. Presumably the people around me will be trying to catch foul balls, so I will depend on them to save me, should it come to that.

I did catch the Niners/Raiders game on Saturday, but failed to say anything about it. I have like, a disturbingly warm and fuzzy affection for Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Manny Lawson... even Patrick Willis, who I haven't even seen play yet, but he was our (our???) first round draft pick and he's got this life story of overcoming adversity and stuff. In typical Niners/Raiders fashion, there were alternating moments of triumph and incompetence - it was kind of hard to differentiate - but the Niners prevailed in the end! Which was meaningless since it was a pre-season game, but to see Alex Smith come in with confidence was so great. Ashley Lelie was... moderately impressive. I'm suspicious of him. He strikes me as one of those alligator arm types.

*covers abby20's eyes* Haren finally got his 14th win, and it was a close one. Seriously, he's kind of a stubborn ass and like, when he throws X number of pitches, he's just not good enough anymore and he doesn't want to admit it. Which I imagine is pretty common, but the manager is supposed to make the call in those cases, right? And like, sure, you don't want to screw with the psyche of the #1 starter, but umm, he's just going to bitch and moan and sulk anyway after he gives up another hit, so it just means you experience the bitching and moaning and sulking a little bit earlier. :P

Anyway, congrats to Haren. Give yourself a pat on the ass.

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Well, it was time we stopped pretending that there was a shot at leaping 2456435243 teams for the wild card, so . . . thanks, A's. ::cries::

Oh man, I've only been to a couple of ball games, and only in the nosebleeds. I'd be terrified of getting bonked in the head in foul ball territory! I have a traumatic history with that kind of thing.

What? That actually happened to you??? *shrieks*

I've sat in really safe locations every time except for the game when Lira and I appeared on TV. We were tiny blobs but I'm pretty sure I had a look of horror on my face at the time, worried that some little kid had been clobbered by the ball.

Hee, no, no. Just growing up/in school, I'd get hit in the face with basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, etc., whether I was playing or just watching. I have a klutz magnet in my head or something. :( I would totally be the person taking a stray baseball/puck to the head if I didn't sit in safe areas, I just know it.

That's horrible!!! Yeah, I would keep far, far away at any game I went to if I had that experience. I don't know, maybe if I'd actually played any sports besides... netball (Do you know what that is? Does that exist in your faux commonwealth country? :P) that would have been me!

I've never heard of netball! I had to look it up. Weird!

The only sports I've ever been able to play without incident are ball hockey and tennis. But I only played ball hockey with friends and have only played tennis a couple of times, so I'm sure they could have gone worse too. :P

It's an extremely bizarre lady-like sport where you pretty much can't touch anyone.

Dude, about 3 foul balls came to our general vicinity tonight and I was telling Lira, lucky Abby isn't here, hehehe!

That really is bizarre, but fascinating.

Haha, seriously!


He must admire it so much that he feels he needs to thank it for being there. I've never seen a baseball player with a bad tush. It must be a rite of passage. So, the patting of the ass is a simple way of thanking the tush for being so lovely, so that girls around the country can admire its greatness. :D

I think my favourite ass is Noah Lowry's. Zito's is kind of surprisingly nice. And now that reminds me of Byrnes saying that Zito has wide, childbearing hips.

I did notice Barry's the other day and did a little eyebrow raise. Derek Jeter's is tasty, I must say. Very squeezable. ;)

*giggles* That's great. :D

I guess they have flattering pants. :P

Yeah, I have a thing with balls and my face too. xD Seriously, though. In P.E. everything comes or has come my way. I was hit in the face the day before yesterday. Yesterday I was smacked in the boobs and today... well nothing came at me except the hot new Italian exchange student.

Niners/Raiders game = good. First football game I've actually watched. I know... I'm sad.

Haren's ass is nice. Noah's is the best though. BUT RayRay has a HUGE badonkadonk. Seriously. You know what surprised me though? Pedro's ass. Check it out. It's not bad.

Dude, aren't you a catcher, though?

Hee, the only reason I started watching football was because of the hockey lockout.

I will keep an eye out. Noah's ass is so round and shapely and totally made of win!!! Zito's ass is surprisingly nice! We had a really great view of it when he got a hit (ahahahahahahahahaha) and he was like, bending over getting ready to run and his pants were all stretched tight over it I was speechless (and kind of disturbed).

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