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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Milan Michalek

Ceske Ceske Ceske!

Milan Milan Milan!!! We have him signed for 6 years/$26 million. :D

I scored really, really sweet tickets to tomorrow night's Giants game (Zito starting) for me and lastcatastrophe!!! :D 7 rows up from the field, right behind the visitors' bullpen. I got 'em off Craigslist at face value from this guy who's a Giants and Raiders fan. I told him I was an A's and Niners fan and we looked uncomfortably at each other for a few seconds, then started explaining our non-SF allegiances. :P

For the second start in a row, Haren is radio-only. WTF?! I want to watch him pat his own ass. :( Fuckers.

[Edit: LOL, didn't know that Haren was the one pitching last year when the A's gave up 8 in the first 2 innings... and ended up winning the game. :P I was listening to that game and was like, WTF?!]

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Aww. We don't get to see tomorrow's game (which . . . must be something like a 9 or 10 am start for you guys? Ouch). If I'm not too busy sulking and hating everyone, I will watch Haren pat his ass for you. :P

Tomorrow's game isn't televised for us either (dear god, 9.30 AM start!!!). A's get no love. :(

*cheers* I need to make an icon of the ass patting. Dunno the caption. "Hot stuff"? I'll be listening to the game on the radio. :) I think that's the only thing I use my MP3 player for anymore.

Unfortunately, I did not see any ass patting because I barely noticed Haren because I was too busy hating my stupid team because good teams that play like mediocre teams and routinely beat themselves make me FUCKING INSANE.

. . . Ahem. :P

The ass pat is a peculiar ritual that is only observed before the first pitch is thrown, so you have a very small window in which to see it. This makes it a rare and delightful phenomenon that is to be enjoyed every time it appears on camera!

Hmm, yeah, that is vexing. :P

Hee. I'll keep that in mind!

I'm a really terrible loser (. . . for like an hour, and then I get over it)! It's probably a blessing that I'm also terrible at sports. :P

Dude, it really kind of wrecks me on Sharks game days. I have pondered why exactly I have a team, as watching sports is supposed to be fun, as opposed to, you know, stress-inducing. :P

Ahh, I KNOW! In fact, I'm suspicious of the dedication of people who can just have fun without deep emotional investment. :P

YES! Love hurts, damn it!!! It's good for people like us to have fluffy secondary teams to enjoy without the anxiety. Except that you have two teams, so does that mean you're twice as anxious???

YES I AM. No wonder I have an anxiety disorder!!!

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