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The Invincible M.A.E.

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New website!

I'm done with the redesign/migration of my hockey fic website!!! :D

I've been meaning to do this for a while to get rid of all the obnoxious ads, and after making the baseball site, I thought I should update the look of my hockey site, now that I can host it on an adless site and umm, position everything correctly. Putting in the new graphics, layout, etc. didn't take that long, but sadly, I had to go into every single fic file (why have I written so much???) and make tiny tweaks to get it all to look all right. I only have to do this once, and from now on, changing the look entirely should be really easy to do so it was worth the effort, I think.

Anyway, here it is: Mae's Hockey Fan Fiction (A Clean Sheet of Ice)

What do you guys think? :) And if you see anything that's broken, please let me know, I would really appreciate it.

[Edit: Also, I got some spam to an old post with the subject "Hi gays, where my money!!!" and the comment "Hello I don't know what happend? Where are you many? G'night". Yeah, I don't know.]

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that looks amazing. I definately have to migrate.

Thank you! One day I will stop being cheap and pay for a website, but until then, I really like 50webs.com as it's free, has no ads and seems to work reasonably well.

Oooh, very nice. I like a nice, clean website, easy to read. :) And I like how I can sort the fics in different ways, fancy!

Thank you! Readability is really important to me. :) Oh dude, I had plans to make it even fancier, with like, restricting fics displayed to only certain players or teams, etc. Umm, that will be phase 3.

Oh very nice. :) I need to make sure to update my bookmarks and links when I get my old 'puter back.

Thanks! I guess I should put some kind of redirect from the old site or something.

Oh I think it looks great! It's nice and clean, and classy.

Thank you! I wanted to keep it simple and readable. :)

Oh man, that's so pretty! :) I have to get away from Angelfire at some point and set up (or attempt to set up) a decent-looking site.

Thank you! 50webs.com seems to be pretty good so far for me. It's free and has no ads, and thus is about 437240727025 times better than my previous host. :P

Free with no ads freaks me out a little, it's so awesome! (But, stupid question, because I've been poking around in different sites' terms and conditions: do sites like this just not enforce their "no adult content" rules?)

Yeah, it makes me very suspicious too, but I guess the idea is to try and lure you to get one of their paid plans.

I actually had registered a site at Awardspace and was going to use that for the hockey fic site, but after I'd uploaded everything, 4 fics wouldn't be displayed (Lucky Ducks, Playboys, Dinner Party and Equilateral) and it just redirected to a 404 page even though the files were there. I'd read posts about that site and apparently they do that will files that contain specific keywords, probably as a means to deter spammers/scammers.

Now, Dinner Party and Equilateral are pretty filthy so I can see that something in there might have triggered their filter, but... I have a lot of other filthy stuff (teehee!) in there that wasn't affected, and there's no porn at all in the other two fics.

I decided that it wasn't worth the trouble to try and figure out what the triggers were so I just uploaded it to my existing 50webs account instead. (Lets you create unlimited subdomains from the same account! Whee!)

I think most sites don't care about written adult content, it's the porn images they're concerned with.

I think most sites don't care about written adult content, it's the porn images they're concerned with.

Yeah, that's what I figured, but I wasn't sure. I'm amazingly paranoid about this stuff! But yeah, I'm sure that with disclaimers and everything in place, the worst they'd likely do would be shut you down (or, like your stuff at Awardspace, block the content). On a free host, I could live with that.

Oh, btw, not a broken link or anything, but I did mean to tell you I noticed a tiny blip in your baseball fic Raw Like Sushi:

"Uhh, no, that's okay, I got my chicken teriyaki here, and lots of tempura--look, I'm not even half finished yet and I'm already starting to get full. I don't think I any more space for uhh, tuna. Why don't you finish it?"

I always feel bizarrely obnoxious pointing out stuff like that, but um ... I have helpful intentions, I promise! :P

Thanks for finding that! Yeah, I know what you mean, I always feel like I'm being picky or something, but then I always think that I'd want someone to let me know if it was one of my fics, so thank you!

I fixed it in LJ (although hmm, I think I never posted that publicly cos' it was so short and just silly) and will fix on the website when I get home. :D

Oh man yes, that looks amazing better. I think I always get javascript errors on your old site :(

And I love the sleek and bright look to it. HEE, it makes me happy looking at it.

It was so horrifying. :( Now I gotta figure out the best way to redirect to the new site and stuff.

Hooray for happy!

I like the look. Very aesthetically pleasing.

And a big fat "buh?" to the spam. :P

Thanks, the absence of 432047052 flashy pop up flash ads helps with that!

It wasn't even one of my gayer posts!

re-commented because i apparently do not understand grammar

New website = ridiculously pretty. I love it.

Re: re-commented because i apparently do not understand grammar

Thank you! It loves you back. :)

I haven't even gone to look because when I read your things I'm all shgoweihgdsg and stuff, but I just wanted to say HAI GAYS!

I will take that... as a good thing! :P

Usually those nonsensical comments are accompanied by a link to porn or erectile dysfunction pills, but this one wasn't, which makes it even more curious.

I was looking for an appropriate entry to comment and tell you I love your fics.

.. And um, please write more Natuzzi stuff? :)

Hee, hi! Are you not logged in, or just not on LJ?

And thank you very much, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :D

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