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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I can see clearly now

For the first time in almost 2 weeks, I got enough sleep last night. Unfortunately, my body seems to have wanted more so I'm kind of groggy and have a mild headache, but I'll take that over not enough sleep + perky any day! :D

I finally know the dates of my work trip to Dallas (Richland, to be precise). It'll be the week of August 27th from Sunday to Friday, so I don't have time to actually do anything outside of work. The first thing I thought when I heard about it was, noooooooo, Mark Ellis bobblehead night! :P [Edit: Looks like I'll be there from 9/14-9/21 instead, so umm, Mark Ellis bobblehead night, ahoy!!!]

And I haven't heard back from the kid I was trying to acquire to get me the Huston Street backpack. :( lastcatastrophe, you want to go to that game anyway? :)

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And I haven't heard back from the kid I was trying to acquire to get me the Huston Street backpack.

Kidnap one!

My plan is to bribe a random kid there to get me a backpack.

*pets* yay for sleep and yeah its almost like you get a sleep hangover when you do sleep lol

My head is spinning, muahahaha!

I'm celebrating with a chai tea latte! One of the quirks of being sleep-deprived is that I don't want to drink caffeine because it makes me nauseous, which is when most other people do drink caffeine.

I probably drink caffeine too much period. Sleep deprived or not.

But this is how I get my caffeine these days. At least it is mostly water? LOL

Wow, that kind of terrifies me. I have a bad reaction to artificial sweeteners, they make me so hungry I get headaches. I'll stick to water. :)

Richland? I'm not quite sure where that is - you sure you don't mean North Richland Hills or Richardson?

Ahh, okay. I was thinking DFW Metroplex. That's an hour and a half drive. Good times.

1. Dress up in overalls.
2. Make a fake elementary school ID.
3. Push a kid down the stairs and steal his Huston Street backpack.
4. Run like hell.

If I was in Florida, I could just tell them I'm 14 because they have no Asian people.

Also, your list makes me think of that Harden/Street fic with the lists that breaks my heart.

My friend Stephanie has a Bobby Crosby backpack. I want a Huston Street one. :D

I'm not against the exploitation of children to get one for myself!!!

BTW, you know why Lincecum is on the bereavement list? :(

(Deleted comment)
I phrased that ambiguously. I don't know and I was asking you if you knew.

Yeah, I hope whoever it is, is okay.

He better start Tuesday!

Poor guy. :( They phrased it weirdly in that article though, like putting him on the bereavement list was a ploy to get Aurilia back.

I know. It was an awkward article.

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