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Being sleep-deprived is like being drunk

Last night I had a dream with a lot of things happening, but I can't remember details, except that Barry Zito was in it, but being all shady or stealthy, like he was going to put a hit on someone or something, but then there was this dog and it like, choked to death in front of me and I was horribly traumatized cos' I watched my dog die when I was 17 and I woke up somewhat upset because of the dog, and couldn't really remember the Zito part of my dream.

In summary, dead dog > Barry Zito.

Lira! I have a kid for the Huston Street backpack game, I think!!! Alex's younger brother may be available. And maybe he can bring his girlfriend so she can get one for you too! :P

You know, this sleep deprivation thing does have it's good points. It's like being permanently drunk, everything is fucking hilarious and I can't stop laughing.
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