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Sleep... sleep... sleep...

The sleep deprivation just gets worse and worse. Wonder if this is something to do with the hivemind and lastcatastrophe. *peers* Worth it going to the game yesterday, though, so much fun. This married couple in the group were Giants fans living in Oakland, and I told them I was an A's fan and lived in SF, and we just stared at each other for a while, haha. I think there's a lot of people in the Bay Area who do support both teams though, which seems to be in marked contrast to other cities that have heated cross-town rivalries. We are such tree-hugging hippies.

God, first 49ers pre-season game tonight already. How can this be? But this means that hockey hockey hockey is coming soon! Babies, the sound of pucks hitting the glass, cheating on faceoffs, glove saves, backhand top shelf goals, hold-your-breath hip checks, perfectly positioned penalty killers, goal celebration hugs, Petr adjusting himself, Petr on his back with his legs in the air...

I think that when Huston Street runs around the mound trying to scare runners back to their bases, he looks like he's chasing chickens.

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