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Going to hell, etc.

Umm, I have new baseball ficcage! I stayed up late last night to finish, although I did have several I'm never writing again! moments after reading several of crankygeek's fics yesterday evening.

In the middle of an otherwise pleasant A's game, I think I started telling Lira about unpleasant thoughts I was having about Lincecum and Zito and instead of going, "eww", she said, "you should write it." Thanks, dude.

The talented Mr. Zito.

Yes, yes, he's 12 years old, I know. You go write Derian Hatcher pr0n and tell me if you can ever feel shame again.

Title: Teatro
Characters: Tim Lincecum, Barry Zito.
Author's Notes: Teatro is Italian for theatre.


The idea for this fic came from a scene in Chiaroscuro, a series of comics about Leonardo da Vinci, so I picked something Italian for the working title. And uhh, Zito is Italian? :P

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