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More death-defying hikes

Went on 11 mile hike today with lots of elevation change. Plenty of really breathtaking views though. Went on the Nualolo(?) trail that leads out to the ocean and went to the vista point. Basically it's on the top of a cliff right next to the ocean and you can see all along the Na Pali coastline. Went to a second vista point too and basically it was right next to the ocean again with similarly amazing views. There was also a family of chickens living there. Not quite sure why.

Risked life pointlessly again while going along the Nualolo Cliff trail. Basically there's this section of the trail that's narrow, muddy, slightly sloping downwards to like a 70 degree cliff face and right next to a porous cliff face where if you try grab the rock to steady yourself it kind of crumbles in your hands. So yeah, if you slip, it's like insta-death. Really fucking scary.

Rest of the hike was much less life-threatening, aside from stretches of trail over ridges with steep drops to either side. Got slightly dizzy looking at 2000-foot cliffs in the distance then realized I was also on a 2000-foot cliff.

So ... 11 mile hike. Lots of elevation change. So very tired right now. Nodding off ... flying home tomorrow morning. *weeps* Goodbye Kauai!

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