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So he WAS excited!

So the A's might play in Japan next season and Huston is like whee!!! But I thought he doesn't eat sushi? (That was from a prompt, btw, dunno his eating - or other - habits. :P)

From A's might be saying konnichiwa, Japan:
Players must approve the trip, and that apparently won't be a problem with the A's. Asked if the Oakland players would OK it, player representative Huston Street responded enthusiastically, saying, "Oh, yeah, I think it will be really cool."

Starter Dan Haren, though, sounded less keen about the idea and poked fun at Street for deciding for everyone. Street's response? "I just shouted, 'Does everyone want to go?' And the yays outweighed the nays. It will be fun."

Huston failed to mention that just before taking the informal vote, he promised cake and ice cream and balloons in Japan. Haren poking fun at Huston does funny things to my chest. Also, apparently Donnie Murphy didn't play cos' he was "a little locked up" because of his new bed. Dude, can you be any more indiscreet???

ohemileegee, Zito really was excited!!!

From Sore arm ends Lowry's day:
Bochy said he talked with Zito before the game about skipping his side work and putting on his spikes in case the club needed him.

"He seemed excited about it," Bochy said.

Though it might have disrupted his dedicated routine between starts, Zito said he was happy to contribute.

"My routine is no more important than anyone else's," said Zito, who is 8-10 with a 5.08 ERA after signing the richest contract by a pitcher in major league history. "People assume it would affect me, but no. . . . If I can get three outs and save someone's arm, my pleasure."

I can't help (because I'm me) but think that "(getting) three outs" is some kind of euphemism.

Seeing Zito taking over in the 7th was so weird. He really did seem all happy and excited and his curveball was like, super curvy. Curveball+1.

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