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Ze last meme ficlet

One more ficlet for the straggler, Alex. Haren and Lowry both started a couple of nights and I switched back and forth between the games. I got a real kick out of them pitching at the exact same time, aww! Then I got to yell "don't fucking blow it!" at both bullpens until the games were over.

For littlestclouds: Dan Haren/Noah Lowry (baseball) This is set at Pepperdine, where they were roommates.


"Whose idea was it to take Econ 101?" Noah asked, lowering his chin onto the open textbook on his desk and sighing loudly.

"I'm pretty sure it wasn't mine," Danny said, frowning at a supply and demand graph. He turned his textbook sideways and examined the graph again. Then he started drawing a sunflower in the page margin.

"This was supposed to be an easy class! And instead..." Noah puffed his cheeks out and Danny automatically extended his arm to punch him in the face, forcing the air out of his mouth all at once with a very satisfying sound. For some reason, this was endlessly fascinating to them. One night they'd gotten incredibly drunk and spent half an hour punching each other in the cheek. They would have gone on doing it for a much longer time, except that Noah missed when it was his turn and gave Danny a black eye; that was pretty much the end of that for the night.

"Instead we actually have to study for it?"

"Yeah. God, classes really ruin college." Noah slammed his textbook shut dramatically, then went over to his bed and half-swooned, landing on his back.

"Noah." No response. "Noah, get back here. Come on, we'll study for an hour then take a break." Noah remained unresponsive, a limp mannequin (dummy?) sprawled across his bed.

Danny sighed and got up out of his chair, walking over to tug at Noah's sleeve. "Dude, come on, the midterm is tomorrow."

Noah cracked an eye open, peering up at him with distrust. "Don't wanna."

Danny sat down on the edge of the bed, his willpower gradually draining away. He didn't really want to study either, but he'd agreed when Noah had asked him, and he took commitments pretty seriously, in general. Noah shifted closer to the wall, making space for Danny by his side and grabbed the back of his shirt, pulling him down. That was something else they'd been doing recently, lying in bed together and talking. Occasionally one of them would fall asleep and the guy not pressed against the wall would inevitably end up on the floor. There were accusations of kicking, but nothing had ever been proved.

It should have occurred to them that this wasn't the kind of thing guys who were just friends did, and it probably should also have occurred to them that how comfortable they were doing it should have made them very uncomfortable. But that hadn't happened, and they just lay there, not talking and not falling asleep, listening to each other breathe.

"Danny?" Noah broke the silence, searching for a question to ask him, and Danny turned his head to face Noah with a slightly puzzled smile. That was when Noah moved in to kiss him, and they both felt that tingle, that thrill of kissing somebody for the first time ever--but mostly they felt an overwhelming feeling of belonging and understanding, like questions they never knew they had had been answered, like they had finally found home.

Stunned, but feeling pleasantly warm, Danny returned the kiss, eyes closed.

They studied the rest of the evening, but curiously enough, they both ended up failing their midterm.
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