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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Figure it out, Drew

Seen on a newsstand on the way to work: PEDOPHILES FOR CHRIST ♥

tersa gave me the best news, Drew is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not even kidding, I started crying, I was so fucking happy. It's kind of an extreme reaction for a broadcaster, but... but... this is a guy who loves his job to death, and it's clear that he does, and it makes me love him too. It makes me even weepier to think of his wife knowing just how much he loved his job, and being willing to make the sacrifice to let him come back.

Not at the A's game. :( Came to work and found out, surprisingly, that there was work to do. I did wear my Haren jersey today, though. :) And I will have a root beer float.

[Edit: I went to a Giants game with Lira like 2-3 weeks ago and forgot sunblock so I was pretty badly sunburned. Now most people burn, turn bright red, peel, then go back to their original colour or a little darker. I burn, turn bright red, peel, then stay brown.

I have some pretty ugly tan lines and my face, shoulders, arms and chest are brown. I have long straight black hair, with a side (close to center) parting and the other day Alex told me that he was going to steal my land. :( Alex and I make culturally and racially insensitive jokes and comments all the time. It's because we're from different countries. Chip (White Male American) listens to us and cringes, but usually ends up laughing. :P]

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Hooray! Yay fun broadcasters :D

Thanks! And he's going to be doing Shark Byte again! Return of the gay. *sighs happily*

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