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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Pepperdine power!

*squeaks* Haren and Lowry both won tonight. They so must have called/texted each other in excitement! :D

I may have kind of scared myself with how excited I got when Kurt Suzuki tied the game. And then Jack Cust to go ahead! ♥

So... I'm really tempted to go to tomorrow's A's game. I really love root beer floats. [Edit: I feel I should point out here that tomorrow is root beer float day at the game, so it wasn't two completely unrelated statements. :P] Okay, yes, I could just... go buy some root beer and ice cream and make my own, but I don't really make sense most of the time. And and and... Haren's going to be signing autographs in Walnut Creek after the game! I'm tempted to go to that too, but also kind of afraid at the same time.

I mean, what if I go up there, and then I notice that it isn't a trick of the camera angle, and he in fact does have freakishly huge feet, and this causes me to have some kind of mental breakdown and I blurt something like "Why don't you have a swimming pool?" (why yes, I google satellite map stalked his house; what is modern technology good for if not to aid in the stalking of pro athletes?) or even more horrifying, "If you were stranded on a desert island, would you pick Zito or Lowry to be your companion???"

Yeah, I'm just going to go to work instead.

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you should so go and get autographs!!!

I feel ambivalent, as essentially I like him because he pats his own ass.

maybe he'll do it in person

sigh, that game disappointed me. Stupid Verlander :P

I didn't watch the first half of the game yet and basically spent the last few innings switching between the A's and Giants games, yelling "don't fucking blow it!!!" at the respective bullpens.

Verlander looked like he got kind of tired at the end there.

Piazza creeps me out. :( Your icon brings out some sort of Jagrish quality in him.

Dude. This one time I was stalking this dude, and he'd just bought this house with this other dude, and their house was in a fancy schmancy development that was still not sold up so they had pictures of the inside of their house as an internet show home. And then the very website that told me where they lived and showed me the inside already HAD the google earth linked right down to sidewalk level. Liek, seriously. What fun is stalking if it's all right there for you?

Wow. The only thing more you could do is install a hidden webcam or something.

I want there to be reality shows about hockey players that follow them all around their incredibly boring lives.

I KNOW! But which bedroom would the camera go in? Master or slave the other guy's? Maybe they TAKE TURNS???

They have a show like that about Belfour it's called COPS?

Don't forget the shower for that authentic voyeur look.

OMG dude, they do have it! I just remembered that Islanders TV thingie. Wasn't that supposed to be 24/7 stalking???

I totally think you should go, and maybe if you do have a breakdown you'll get mentioned in an article, or maybe you'll get REALLY awesome answers.

Plus, root beer floats.

Sadly, there's work to do today. But I'm going to get a root beer float (or maybe a blueberry ice cream soda!) anyway, just because. :P

Haha, he's going to put a restraining order me. Which actually would be hilarious as he's 6'5" and I'm 5'3". "Protect me from the tiny Chinese girl!"

*giggles* You make me laugh (because I haven't done the same thing regarding GoogleMaps..*looks around nervously*). :D

LJ is all about finding out that there are people just as strange as yourself!

You should go. As a fan of root beer floats, myself... I'd go. Except, I have tickets for Saturday. So I won't be going... But YOU should. LOL. As for Noah and Danny.... I have my own ideas as to what they "did" after their win, last night. But thanks to my channel flipping habits, I wasn't allowed to watch both games.

Sadly, work calls.

I recorded the Giants game on my VCR and the A's game on my computer. When the two of them were pitching at the exact same time it made me giggly. :P

After watching his post-game interview, I was struck with the horrifying idea that Kurt Suzuki might be Mormon. He's married at 23, he has a crazy haircut, and he's from Hawaii. Plus he talks funny. Not in a from-Hawaii way, either. I don't know why this possibility upsets me so much, but it really does. He might make them ungay! :-O

Wha' Mormon? I had no idea that their reach extended beyond the mainland...

He does have an accent that's not native Hawaiian, but it's that Asian-Hawaiian accent, I think. I know someone from Hawaii who had that same kind of accent.

Ungaying the A's would be so sad! Huston would have to be traded. :(

Dude, there are HELL of Mormons in Hawaii. Probably a missionary thing.

It doesn't seem fair that Hawaii is a valid option for missionaries. It's like, hmm, mosquito-infested jungles teeming with wild predators and strange tropical viruses, or war-torn third world country with poor amenities or... HAWAII!!!

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