The Invincible M.A.E. (harleymae) wrote,
The Invincible M.A.E.

Ficlets from first/last kiss meme

From samtyr: Trevor Linden/Markus Naslund

Secret Captains' Handshake

The whole team's wasted on the captain's booze; it always seems like you can drink more when someone else is paying for it. Somebody's underwear is draped over the top of the living room couch, but it's unclear who it belongs to, and everyone steers clear of it, leading to the formation of a miniature fallout zone.

Markus stretches out on the deck chair and stares up at the moonlit clouds. He's drunk and happy and not the least bit worried about the miscreants running loose in his house. Trevor is stretched out more (because he's taller) on the other deck chair next to him, draining the last of his beer.

"Markus, did I..." Trevor thinks there might be two moons in the sky tonight, and this distracts him briefly before he realises that he hasn't finished his question. "Did I ever show you the secret captains' handshake?"

Markus answers, no you didn't, and he doesn't quite understand why Trevor is giving him such a strange look. He answers again, and this time the words don't come out in Swedish. Trevor gives him a knowing wink and says, "Oh, we have to fix that. Come here."

It takes an eternity, but through sheer force of will, Markus sits up and moves closer to Trevor, who gently shows him the secret handshake.

Funny thing is, Markus could almost swear that the handshake's a lot like a kiss.

From offside: Arrested Development (Michael/Gob)

The Closet

Perhaps sneaking into a building to steal documents (that may or may not have existed) that supposedly (according to an overheard phone conversation between Kitty and an unknown person) exonerated their father of all wrongdoing wasn't such a good idea when said building had regular security patrols.

Unfortunately, Michael and Gob hadn't been aware of this when they (Gob) decided (blackmailed Michael by threatening to tell George Michael about the ill-advised ballet lessons he'd taken when he was 6) to embark on this particular act of espionage, and ended up hiding in a janitor's closet, waiting for a window between patrols they could use to make their escape.

Just then, the single light bulb in the closet flickered, then went out, and both Michael and Gob whirled about in a panic (chaos and entropy increased as the universe slowed down) and ended up in a position (through a rare celestial alignment of heavenly bodies) such that their lips pressed together for an instant (eternity).

Slightly shaken, they came out of the closet together.

From fullycompletely: Petr Sykora/Radek Dvorak


They'd known from the beginning that there would be an end.

But you could live a lifetime in two weeks, and that's what they did. Petr very nearly died from lack of sleep, and Radek's voice almost vanished, a casualty of their endless conversations.

They never said it out loud, but everything they did was suffixed with "for the last time ever", and it was a race to change every "we should do this" into the past tense.

At least they had kissed as champions.

From abby20: Marian Hossa/Martin Havlat


Marian had somehow become Marty's English tutor. Bonkie was shamefully neglectful in his mentoring duties, Marian decided, and was convinced that Marty needed somebody to help him adjust to life in Ottawa.

{How do you say bathroom?} Marty asked, and Marian answered.

{How do you say friend?} Marty asked, and Marian answered again.

{How do you say love?} Marty asked, and Marian moved nearer.

{How do you say kiss?} Marty asked, and Marian answered, {like this,} leaning forward and ending English lessons for the night.

From crankygeek: Patrick Marleau/Tom Preissing

Kiss Goodbye

Lying in bed together in a cabin in Minnesota, halfway between San Jose and Ottawa - or close enough - they were trying to make the most of the time they had before Patty had to fly home the next morning. He was going to spend the rest of the summer with his family.

At the airport, Tom impulsively pulled Patty back into the passenger's seat just as he was getting out. Patty raised his eyebrows questioningly, but soon found himself assaulted by kisses. Forehead, cheeks, nose, earlobes, neck, lips--none were spared.

He grinned and said goodbye, and he was in the air when Tom found out that he'd been traded to Ottawa. Tom sat in his cabin and held his head in his hands, but of all the kisses they'd shared that morning, it was hard to remember which one had come last.
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