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The Invincible M.A.E.

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San Francisco

It's OK

From crankygeek: Comment with a pairing and I will give you their first and/or last kiss. Hockey, TV shows, past and present Oakland A's (2006-now) are all fair game.

I've been listening to the Pearl Jam cover of Dead Moon's "It's OK" non-stop for like the past 2 days. Apparently they play it live in concert as a continuation of "Daughter" and it's a very simple song, but the lyrics are relevant to me recently, and even though growing up I never had that person who felt that way towards me, now I do, and it's kind of an amazing feeling. :)

[Edit: Okay, I have to spazz, because in this clip, Huston watches Haren toss with Blanton while singing "Best of My Love" - seemingly at Haren! - and Haren just smiles at him and and and *spazzes* Also, I've been doing *ahem* fic research, and every time I read an article about Huston Street I want to throw up. Like I get nauseous, literally. At first I thought it was because that night I had no sleep and hadn't eaten all day, but... no such problem last night and still nauseated. Fucking non-dysfunctional families.]

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Secret Captains' Handshake

The whole team's wasted on the captain's booze; it always seems like you can drink more when someone else is paying for it. Somebody's underwear is draped over the top of the living room couch, but it's unclear who it belongs to, and everyone steers clear of it, leading to the formation of a miniature fallout zone.

Markus stretches out on the deck chair and stares up at the moonlit clouds. He's drunk and happy and not the least bit worried about the miscreants running loose in his house. Trevor is stretched out more (because he's taller) on the other deck chair next to him, draining the last of his beer.

"Markus, did I..." Trevor thinks there might be two moons in the sky tonight, and this distracts him briefly before he realises that he hasn't finished his question. "Did I ever show you the secret captains' handshake?"

Markus answers, no you didn't, and he doesn't quite understand why Trevor is giving him such a strange look. He answers again, and this time the words don't come out in Swedish. Trevor gives him a knowing wink and says, "Oh, we have to fix that. Come here."

It takes an eternity, but through sheer force of will, Markus sits up and moves closer to Trevor, who gently shows him the secret handshake.

Funny thing is, Markus could almost swear that the handshake's a lot like a kiss.

Hmm, what TV shows? *curious*

Oh wow, it's a long list: Lost, Supernatural, Jericho, Stargate: Atlantis, House, Veronica Mars, Friday Night Lights, Bones, Painkiller Jane, Kyle XY, Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck, Burn Notice, Heroes, The 4400, Arrested Development (OMG love!), Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Las Vegas, Men In Trees, umm... that's all I can remember right now, hehe.

That is a very very lovely song :)

Yeah, I think it's kind of the anti-mother song for me. A reminder that the world is not horrible and that I'm not a disappointment just because I'm me. :)

crankygeek? Hang on, is that bitch filtering me?!

Petr/Devo. HAH.


Bitch loses. Bitch almost never uses/updates filters because bitch uses a different journal for all writing shit. But bitch remedies this by adding you in, she swears!

That clip KILLED me!! So freakin cute!

Dude, Huston sings at him! And Haren's all, "Aww, you're so cute/crazy!"

Marian had somehow become Marty's English tutor. Bonkie was shamefully neglectful in his mentoring duties, Marian decided, and was convinced that Marty needed somebody to help him adjust to life in Ottawa.

{How do you say bathroom?} Marty asked, and Marian answered.

{How do you say friend?} Marty asked, and Marian answered again.

{How do you say love?} Marty asked, and Marian moved nearer.

{How do you say kiss?} Marty asked, and Marian answered, {like this,} leaning forward and ending English lessons for the night.


Patty Marleau/Tom Preissing! :D

Wow, I had to think the hardest about this one. :P

Lying in bed together in a cabin in Minnesota, halfway between San Jose and Ottawa - or close enough - they were trying to make the most of the time they had before Patty had to fly home the next morning. He was going to spend the rest of the summer with his family.

At the airport, Tom impulsively pulled Patty back into the passenger's seat just as he was getting out. Patty raised his eyebrows questioningly, but soon found himself assaulted by kisses. Forehead, cheeks, nose, earlobes, neck, lips--none were spared.

He grinned and said goodbye, and he was in the air when Tom found out that he'd been traded to Ottawa. Tom sat in his cabin and held his head in his hands, but of all the kisses they'd shared that morning, it was hard to remember which one had come last.

How did I miss this? Boo!

Ummm. Eric Chavez/Bobby Crosby. :P

If you're going to make an icon from my screenshot, at least lighten it a little bit. :P Here, take this:

Ahh, Eric Chavez is on a pedestal in my mind. Hang on, need some time to manufacture a separate entity for him, like I did for Huston Street.

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