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It's OK

From crankygeek: Comment with a pairing and I will give you their first and/or last kiss. Hockey, TV shows, past and present Oakland A's (2006-now) are all fair game.

I've been listening to the Pearl Jam cover of Dead Moon's "It's OK" non-stop for like the past 2 days. Apparently they play it live in concert as a continuation of "Daughter" and it's a very simple song, but the lyrics are relevant to me recently, and even though growing up I never had that person who felt that way towards me, now I do, and it's kind of an amazing feeling. :)

[Edit: Okay, I have to spazz, because in this clip, Huston watches Haren toss with Blanton while singing "Best of My Love" - seemingly at Haren! - and Haren just smiles at him and and and *spazzes* Also, I've been doing *ahem* fic research, and every time I read an article about Huston Street I want to throw up. Like I get nauseous, literally. At first I thought it was because that night I had no sleep and hadn't eaten all day, but... no such problem last night and still nauseated. Fucking non-dysfunctional families.]
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