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The Invincible M.A.E.

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girlcrush, Logan Tom

What off-season?

Summer is supposed to be my off-season. There's no hockey, TV's supposed to be in reruns. I'm supposed to hit the gym in my eternal quest to lose weight (that I've never committed to, and thus have not been successful at) and screw around writing hockey fic.

Instead, I find myself watching baseball and this crop of summer television that's actually quite good!

I have my old favourites Rescue Me, The Closer, Monk, The 4400, Eureka, Hex and Kyle XY, but now I also have Painkiller Jane, Burn Notice, A Model Life (eee! Petra Nemcova!) and Side Order of Life (which is on Lifetime for the love of God!)

Of all of those shows, I'd have to say that the ones I really love are Kyle XY and Burn Notice. I'm kind of a sucker for shows about families and community and using sci-fi to make observations on human nature, so that explains Kyle XY. (Okay, so I do see the Kyle/Declan but I really really really see Kyle/Nicole, aka the adoptive mom. I know, I'm the only one who sees it, but that just makes me feel special!)

Burn Notice is pretty awesome. It's about a spy who got blacklisted, and ends up being stuck in Miami trying to figure out who blacklisted him so he can go back to work. In the meantime he takes several odd jobs, private investigator type stuff, and gets to use his skills to handle cases. It's got a great lead actor (Jeffrey Donovan, who used to be on Touching Evil) and a fun supporting cast: Bruce Campbell (from the Evil Dead movies) as a boozy ex-spy and Gabrielle Anwar as a crazy ex-IRA ex-gf.

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*G* aw, see, Kyle/Amanda is like my cutefuzzyhet!pairing now. I can totally see the other two, though *loves that show*.

Oh, I love them. I was squeeing all through the Kyle/Amanda stuff. :)

I heart Kyle XY and in one of the recent ones I was like EWW THERE IS TOTALLY Kyle/Nicole stuff going on! Made me feel dirty ;)

I watched one episode of Burn Noticed and really liked it, but the main guy reminds me of someone I'd rather not think about so I can't watch it anymore lol

OMG other people see it too!!! I mean, jeez, it brings a whole new meaning to "ABC Family". :P

That's really too bad, but I understand how you feel. I've had to stay away from good movies before because I don't like the main actor in it (like Jack Black).

My mom pointed it out the other day, too. She was like "she is totally hitting on him" and i'm like MOM! That's his kinda sorta adopted mother and she goes "ew"

I also LOVE The Dead Zone. I'm glad the shows I like are new now, not during the season lol

There's just been like... so many things. Like in the first season, Kyle came up and hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. And then the beginning of this season she was a total wreck without him, just bummed around the house all day, depressed. And they always share these special looks.

It would be funny if we find out IRL they have a relationship. :P

I really, really liked the movie/idea (and stole one aspect of it for my first fic!) but don't know why I never started watching the TV series. I guess because I know what happens at the end, and it would make me sad every time I watched the show, even though that's silly.

I KNOW! The looks! It's creepy! lol

See, that is why i never mention I like that show because then people begin to tell me about the moving and all that stuff and i get curious and want to know what happens, but then I dont ;)

Meh, just know it's a good ending and that's enough. :P I actually read the book too, which was quite good. Check it out after the series ends. :)

Like, I know WHAT happens, but not really lol. But to me, from my knowledge, the show story is a lot different then the book.

Yeah, from the bits I've read about the show, it does diverge a bit, but that's a good thing. I'm always a proponent of making the best show you can over sticking to the plot.

See, I feel the same way. From what I know the movie is different from the book also, and the show is different from the movie. The book is always better(IMO lol) because you use YOUR own imagination. And that's usually better then any movie/show can produce lol

So in the TV show, what's the relationship between him and the woman he was dating at the time he got into the car accident?

They were engaged before his accident and was pregnant so her son, is actually John's son but was raised by Walt, who she married while he was in a coma.

In yesterday's episode Johnny was in another a coma and her kissed saved his life and blah blah blah so now that Walt is dead, and she's living with Johnny their relationship started to heat back up, I guess.

Ahh, okay, that's already a really big difference from the book, because the accident happened when they were driving home from the fair and they were going to have sex for the first time (which obviously didn't happen).

And seven years later when he woke up he went to see her and she slept with him, even though she was married and had a kid, because that's what was supposed to happen that night, and it never did, and I was really fascinated with that idea and stole it for Edelweiss. :)

haha yeah, to my knowledge(I didnt watch the show in the very beginning) they didn't sleep together after he woke up. They are just now starting to get back together. She also had another child with Walt. A baby girl(I think they named her Hope). But I do know J.J is Johnny's son because they just did an episode where they hinted that he had some of the same powers that Johnny does

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