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The Invincible M.A.E.

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So just before the Giants game started tonight, they played this very special message for Barry Bonds on the Jumbotron, and it was from... Wayne Gretzky!!!

I didn't even really hear what he said. Something about encouragement and/or congratulations, I guess. I was so weirded out, though. Hockey meeting baseball is like... *twitch* I don't even know what bothers me so much. I've seen Cheech throw out the ceremonial pitch at an A's game. I've seen Cheech, Joe, etc. go to a Giants game and sit in the booth and all that, but it's just different. Maybe because it isn't hockey season right now and I feel like it doesn't exist.

It occurred to me today that my strange obsession with Dan Haren was probably born the moment I saw him pat his own ass right before he started pitching. Which is just a good a reason as any to start a strange obsession, I suppose.

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HAHAHA! That'd begin an obsession for me, too. :P

I wonder if people going to Giants' games know who Wayne is..

BTW, what did you end up doing with the extra tickets?

He patted his ass his last start too! I think he does it every game. It makes me happy. *sigh*

Yeah, that was my thought too. At least Barry Bonds knew who he was though and he smiled. :)

I sold 'em on Craigslist in like 5 minutes, haha. Conveniently, the guy who bought them works near my office so it was easy. Better than walking over to the park and scalping them (and possibly being frowned upon by big black dudes for invading their territory. :P)

*giggles* I'd be scared to scalp tickets. I'd be afraid of being beaten up. :P

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