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So just before the Giants game started tonight, they played this very special message for Barry Bonds on the Jumbotron, and it was from... Wayne Gretzky!!!

I didn't even really hear what he said. Something about encouragement and/or congratulations, I guess. I was so weirded out, though. Hockey meeting baseball is like... *twitch* I don't even know what bothers me so much. I've seen Cheech throw out the ceremonial pitch at an A's game. I've seen Cheech, Joe, etc. go to a Giants game and sit in the booth and all that, but it's just different. Maybe because it isn't hockey season right now and I feel like it doesn't exist.

It occurred to me today that my strange obsession with Dan Haren was probably born the moment I saw him pat his own ass right before he started pitching. Which is just a good a reason as any to start a strange obsession, I suppose.
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