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Why didn't I see the hot underwear models? :(

WTF Giants game. Coming back from down 4-0 in the 9th?

*ahem* So, like a transformer got blowed up or something this afternoon in SF really near me and I think I might have even felt it! Anyway, this was responsible for the power outage that took out LJ, among other sites. There's an awesome little exchange in the comments:
wesolows wrote:
I'd like to suggest that the Chronicle hold PG&E's feet to the fire on this one. This has cost the city economy millions at least. Whoever was responsible, whether a lineman or the CEO, should be named and shamed in this newspaper, immediately terminated, and never again offered employment anywhere. He or she should end up licking scraps off the trash bin at 6th and Market. Unacceptable. Just unacceptable.
agent_x_t_b wrote:
wesolows enraged suggests: "named...shamed...terminated...licking scraps off the trash bin..." ---- was there something PRESSING that you were working on when the power went out? what kind of electric implement were you USING when the power went out? just curious!

Teeheehee! I love my city. :)

So last night, I got to meet x_jerseygirl! We went to the Giants game and it was lots of fun! Although the Giants were *cough* not so great. But we talked lots and lots of hockey so it was good anyway. :) There was this really drunk person who was yelling, "Send them back to Atlanta in body bags!" which is hilarious and brutal and over the top, especially in the context of baseball!

Noah Lowry's favourite TV show is Grey's Anatomy. (Haren will watch that with him, as long as he watches Lost with Haren, aww! Well, in my mind, anyway. :P)

Piazza keeps chattering to Haren and it bothers me. Tonight he used a towel to demonstrate how to wrap a baby in a blanket, and Haren was watching and grinning the whole time and then when he finished, Haren reached out with his hand and crushed the baby's skull. Okay, I guess he was more like, patting the imaginary baby's head or something, but I kind of like the idea of Dan Haren, Crusher of Baby Skulls, Bringer of Carnage, Devourer of Souls!!!

I'm not going to Dallas quite just yet. But at some point it should happen. I guess I can make plans for the next couple of weeks or so. :)
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