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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Is it possible to not get spoiled for HP for the next year?

8 strikeouts, 8 shutout innings from Tim Lincecum and he's 12 years old. He is my baseball Marc-Edouard Vlasic (only without the love). Oh, Dan Haren. 6 2/3 innings with 7 strikeouts, 3 earned runs and a lead, and walks off the mound to a standing ovation saying, "Fuck me! Fuck!" and goes to sulk in the dugout.

But umm, most exciting thing to me is that Huston Street pitched an inning in Sacramento tonight. they said he could be back on Monday and I was like eee! Somewhat disturbingly, my excitement is entirely because of his closing abilities...

[Edit: I now understand why everyone says Mike Piazza is gay.]

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*wave* I hope this doesn't seem weird, but I've been wanting to friend you for awhile, we have a lot of friends in common as well as hockey and such, and you seem really cool, so I'd like to add you! Feel free to add back, if not that's ok too.

Hi! No, not weird at all! I've seen you post comments in a lot of my friends' LJs. Being a Canucks fan gets a big thumbs up from me, haha. Sorry, there's a lot of baseball stuff in my LJ right now because sadly, no hockey stuff is happening. But that will change once the season starts! :)

heee, no worries about the baseball thing, lots of my friends are into the baseball and my roomie is a huge baseball fan so i'm used to it by now :) i'm sort of kind of getting suckered into it myself, haha.

thanks for the add!

I was resistant until last season, damn it! Stupid A's are so lovable. I even started writing fic about them.

I love adding hockey fans, and especially hockey slash fans. :D

[Edit: I now understand why everyone says Mike Piazza is gay.]

Whaaat? Do tell. :P

Oh, nothing specific. They interviewed him after the game, and I've just never seen him talk before. :P

He cracks me up because I can't hear his name without thinking of his wife, Alicia Rickter, who used to date Petr Sykora, and whenever there were Czech articles about Petr's love life - even long after they broke up - they would include a naked picture of her (she'd appeared in Playboy), the same naked picture, which at this point is burned into my mind.

Ha, I hadn't heard him speak until I DLed a clip of him during the A's fanfest. I was like, "Well. Now it kind of makes sense."

Oh, that naked picture. Heh. I maintain that she's a professional beard. :P

It does seem fairly suspicious, eh? She's had a baby with him, though, so that's some pretty high level of dedication.


(I'm still seeing that naked picture of her in my mind.)

I was a little bummed out that he didn't pitch the entire game. But only a little. And you're so right about the Vlasic comparison.

Dude, I wanted him to get the complete game too, since he's never gotten one. But he was already at 103, so it was the right move.

Did you want me to take any screenshots of him from his post-game interview?

Yes, it was time. :/ Plus we were up by enough runs that it would have been really hard for the relief to screw it up.

If you don't mind, yeah, that'd be great! :D

Hey, been too tired lately to put those screenshots up, but will soon. :)

I was wondering, do you live in SF? I ended up with an extra ticket for the Giants game tonight and wondered if you want to go (ticket would be free).

Oh, no problem. Thanks so much! :)

I'm in San Mateo County. Unfortunately, I'm too bogged down at work to make the game tonight, but thanks for the offer!

Ahh, that's cool. I ended up selling them on Craigslist.

Here. Totally untouched. I think you know how to mess with the contrast, colours, sharpness, etc, right?

I sure do. :) Thank you so much!

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