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Raw Like Sushi

First line from lastcatastrophe. This was going to start a *cowers* sequel, but then I thought of something else. There's still this standalone though. :)

Huston Street thought sushi (and most things that couldn't be cooked on a grill) was unnatural.

Haren had been trying to train him to eat it by starting him off with simple things (cooked things): california rolls, tamago, unagi. But when he tried to get Street to graduate to spicy tuna rolls, he ran smack into a brick wall.

"Uhh, no, that's okay, I got my chicken teriyaki here, and lots of tempura--look, I'm not even half finished yet and I'm already starting to get full. I don't think I have any more space for uhh, tuna. Why don't you finish it?"

"It really doesn't taste raw at all," Haren said, trying to coax Street into taking a bite. "I promise."

"I've gone 23 years without eating raw fish, I don't think I need to start now," Street said, regarding the piece of roll that Haren had put on his plate with extreme distrust. "It's just not natural to eat uncooked things." He used his chopsticks to move the sushi back to Haren's plate and took a nervous sip of green tea.

"What you did with your tongue last night wasn't very natural," Haren remarked casually, quickly dodging the spray of green tea that came his way from across the table.

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