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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Devin Devin Devin!

Okay, in hockey news (OMG), it seems like Setoguchi (and Wishart) have a decent chance to make the team. I want Setoguchi to make the team so badly, I can't even really explain it. I'm just awed by how clutch he was in the WHL playoffs. I know that's junior hockey and the NHL is a whole other level, but wow, that kind of performance seems to indicate something about his character, that he's (hopefully) Cheech-like.

He's said that Cheech is his role model, which makes me super happy, and also, he has blonde streaks in his hair, which is always a great thing whether it's great or terrible (see: Petr).

After going to sleep at 2 AM, I was woken up by a freaking earthquake (4.2, Oakland) at 5 AM. Normally earthquakes are pretty cool, when they're gentle and... happen while I'm awake. I couldn't get back to sleep after that. :(

Which puts me in the perfect frame of mind to watch this:

Wow. Thank you, zombie_survival.

Does anyone watch Painkiller Jane? I feel so ashamed, but I really like Jane/Conner and I was dying at their domestic bliss scene. Oh God, now I want to see Ronon and someone in a mind control domestic bliss scene. OMG, Rodney. Argh.

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Devin Devin Devin! *twirls* *confettis!*

I don't think Ty's going to make the team, but that's okay. Vlasics only strike once a blue moon.

Yeah, I like Wishart, but I don't really care about him yet. :P

I watched the first episode of Painkiller Jane. I'm trying to get to ep10 to see my friend's cameo :p

Ahh, that's awesome, you crazy Vancouver people you.

oes anyone watch Painkiller Jane?

I watched the first and second episodes last year when they had another girl playing Jane's roll and I couldn't stand her but NOW they have the hot Terminator chick! I haven't watched it yet because I don't ever watch the Sci-Fi channel.

I don't think I watched those. It was like a standalone movie or something? Or a two-parter? Cos' the series I'm watching did seem to be the first episode of the series and it was T3 chick from the beginning.

No it was a tv series, too. It was in 2005, not last year like I thought. They apparently canceled it and redid the story line and re-aired it with new people. I saw on the imdb that she's a DEA and not a military veteran like the old one was. The old Jane got exposed to some chemicals during some military shit and that's why she had the special abilities and shit. Donovan Tate was also in it, he turned out to be a bad guy.. I stopped watchin it because like I said the girl who played Jane is soooo annoying. She was in Saw II, she tried to play a badass in that movie, too. She got her wrists slit in that box/razor contraption.

Oh, at least they explained the source of the power and why it suddenly appeared. The TV series it's like, well, she's indestructible because... she just is. Don't really care, though. I think mostly I'm fascinated by how almost everyone on the show has a strong Canadian accent.

Well it doesn't show it was a tv series. I guess it was a mini-series movie.. still sucked. :)

Why--why. . .

Do we know why they taught 1500 inmates to do Thriller?

Thank you for posting that.

I don't want to think about it too much... *gulp*

Maybe that is the safest route to take. Yeek.

Yes! Have Devin make the team so we don't have to see him this season! *sporks the Cougar pain-in-ass* lol

Hee, you won't be seeing him anyway cos' he's done with Junior. He'll be in either the AHL or NHL.

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