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Devin Devin Devin!

Okay, in hockey news (OMG), it seems like Setoguchi (and Wishart) have a decent chance to make the team. I want Setoguchi to make the team so badly, I can't even really explain it. I'm just awed by how clutch he was in the WHL playoffs. I know that's junior hockey and the NHL is a whole other level, but wow, that kind of performance seems to indicate something about his character, that he's (hopefully) Cheech-like.

He's said that Cheech is his role model, which makes me super happy, and also, he has blonde streaks in his hair, which is always a great thing whether it's great or terrible (see: Petr).

After going to sleep at 2 AM, I was woken up by a freaking earthquake (4.2, Oakland) at 5 AM. Normally earthquakes are pretty cool, when they're gentle and... happen while I'm awake. I couldn't get back to sleep after that. :(

Which puts me in the perfect frame of mind to watch this:

Wow. Thank you, zombie_survival.

Does anyone watch Painkiller Jane? I feel so ashamed, but I really like Jane/Conner and I was dying at their domestic bliss scene. Oh God, now I want to see Ronon and someone in a mind control domestic bliss scene. OMG, Rodney. Argh.
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