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The Invincible M.A.E.

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A's weeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

"It's one of those things where you watch people do it, and you say, 'I can do that!'" says Street. "But before you know it, you're panting, and you can't even move."

The context for this quote is that he's talking about yoga, which just makes it better. :P

So I went to last night's game (because it was Dan Haren jersey night *shamefaced*) and umm, the A's played terribly, but there were positives to go with the negatives!

I got there early enough to get a Dan Haren jersey... that had what looked suspiciously like dried snot stuck to the inside. :(

I got these really awesome seats for half-off, just behind home plate... so I had a really good view of the A's sucking it up!

Seriously, they were making the Giants defense look good. :( At least they won today (not televised, of course).

I'm writing. I'm happy. :)

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I totally think you should write something with Dan Haren in it. *nods*

And that Huston quote is beautiful. In or out of context. :P

Hee, that's what I'm writing! And Huston Street and Barry Zito are in it too. :)

Yay! Wait, all of it? With the yoga too? MORE YAY! :D

I hope it was at least Danny's dried snot in the jersey.

And, yaaaayyyyyzzzz, I get to see Danny on Saturday :)

I was going to say, yeah, that would make it better, but... no. Even Dan Haren's snot is gross, ewwwwww.

Aww! Are you going to a game? Or do you get to se him on TV?

But it's a superior kind of gross lol.

Just seeing him on TV, the O's are visiting.

Oh, right, uhh, I knew that! *coughs* Maybe I'll go to that game.

Seriously, they were making the Giants defense look good.

I'm ashamed to say, that's not hard.

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