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Let's get 30 wins together (baby)

Jason Kendall, wha? :(

*spazzes* Lira! Did you see Street in the dugout babbling to Haren? And Haren was blowing bubbles and not really responding at all and shaking his leg impatiently? *spazzes*

Dan Haren and Noah Lowry talk about their marriage, and how they keep things interesting:

Bay Area Baseball Insider: Former college roommates stand as aces of A's, Giants
By Nick Peters - Bee Staff Writer
Published 12:00 am PDT Sunday, July 15, 2007
Story appeared in SPORTS section, Page C5

SAN FRANCISCO -- With all the negativity surrounding the two losing Bay Area major-league teams, it's nice to find a feel-good story about two college roomies becoming the winningest pitchers on the A's and Giants.

All-Star Game starter Dan Haren (10-3, 2.30) and Noah Lowry (9-6, 3.35) once teamed to give Pepperdine a formidable one-two pitching punch before signing pro contracts following their junior years.

"I remember telling Noah about three years ago, 'Let's get 30 wins together,' and I think we came close -- this year, we have a pretty good shot of getting there," recalled Haren, noting their 19 combined victories at the break.

"He's been really consistent with his numbers. His ERA keeps dropping and his wins are going up. He's one of the few guys I follow closely on other teams."

If there's a rivalry between them, it's extremely friendly. Lowry, a left-hander, had the edge in college, going 14-2 with a 1.71 ERA in 2001 before signing with the Giants as a first-round pick.

The right-handed Haren was 11-3 with a 2.22 ERA that season and a second-round choice of the St. Louis Cardinals, who reluctantly traded him to Oakland in the Mark Mulder deal. Haren was a more potent hitter than Lowry in college.

"I don't know what Dan was projected to be, but look at the numbers," Lowry said. "They obviously show what he's made of and what he potentially has. I'm not sure what the expectations were, but I think he's gone above and beyond.

"I wouldn't say we pushed each other as much as we pulled for each other."

The two astute athletes showed nothing but admiration while discussing each other, reflecting no jealousy or envy. Haren has blossomed into the A's ace, but he remembers being No. 2 in college.

"He was a little better than me," Haren conceded. "I think his offspeed pitches were better, and he always had that good changeup. I think I had him in the hitting department, but he was more advanced as a pitcher.

"I was a DH, but he could swing the bat a little. He was a first-round pick, and was deserving. I spent a couple of summers with him. He's a good friend.

"He's a little more outspoken than I am, and he's very goal-oriented. He works real hard at what he does, and it's no accident that he's doing so well."

Lowry returned the praise, summing up: "He's a good friend. He's super competitive and on top of his game ever since college. We didn't advance in the NCAAs because my last college pitch was a walkoff homer on a 3-1 curveball.

"I'll never forget it."

Haren fired a shutout in the same NCAA Regional and was West Coast Conference Player of the Year. Lowry was the WCC Pitcher of the Year. Both were named All-Americans.

Doesn't "Let's get 30 wins together" sound kind of... romantic? Or that could possibly just be because I mentally append "baby" to it. Also, what exactly did they pull for each other? :P

[Edit: Huston Street on the mound today! And then yapping to uhh... Lenny DiNardo? I think Haren ran away. :P]

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