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The Invincible M.A.E.

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The room of requirement, eh?

Went to the Giants game with lastcatastrophe today. That park is just sinfully beautiful. And they have good garlic fries. And black cherry vanilla root beer floats. Noah Lowry had a bad outing, which made me sad. :( I thought it was going to be like the last game I went to, when he had a shaky start, and then he settled down. And he kinda' did that, but didn't sustain it until the end. There were like, 3 plays where I didn't know what was going on, but two of them went against the Giants. Boo.

I am horribly, horribly sunburned because I forgot to bring sunblock. My face, shoulders and chest are nuclear right now. :(

The A's lost again. I recorded the game, but apparently Embree blew it? Bah. I wanted my strange obsession to win.

Then we went to watch Harry Potter! Whee! There were a couple of things that I missed the first time I saw it, which is that uhh... that OOTP girl's hair changes colour. And there's a little flying Christmas ornament in the scene when the Weasley family celebrates Christmas. So either I was very observant the first time, or just still as clueless for the second. ;) Lira told me about how the room of requirement has been used for slash purposes which makes me so giggly because that is totally the first thing that slashers would think of, muahaha!

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black cherry vanilla root beer

. . . Maybe it's just me, but those sound like three things that shouldn't mingle! :(

It was very, very tasty! Although I drank all the root beer first then ate the ice cream.

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Harry Potter gang icon!!! :D

Oh, so it was black cherry vanilla ice cream? Oh, it was a float! I can't read. Anyway, that's marginally less weird to me.

Haha, I haven't even seen OotP yet (waiting until after the book), but the icon makes me very happy!

Yep! Ahh, yes, black cherry vanilla root beer would be way too many flavours in one drink. :P

I've only read two books in the series but I've watched all the movies. I feel like it's better that way cos' I'm usually disappointed by movie versions of books, and I'm not particularly spoilerphobic or anything.

the food sounds so yummy! and yay for having fun!!!

Food makes me happy! :D

OMG, I'm so sunburned. >.

Wow, it took me a few tries to figure out how to say catastrophe in my head. Huh.

I think by now my parents are sick of hearing me yell out 'THEY LOSE AGAIN! [in cantonese]' by now. (re: stupid stupid a's)


Why can't they score more runs??? :(


can you cut the HP spoilers plz, havn't seen the moive yet

What, seriously? What exactly in there is a spoiler?

The OotP girl is named Tonks, and yes, her hair changes color. It's one of her primary features in the books, that she can do that. :) (And change her features, like when she made herself a pig snout at dinner)

And the flying Santa Claus ornament!

They did such a good job with making it look natural that I didn't notice it the first time!

some of the room of requirement stuff was truly scary. thirteen year old girls writing about harry potter needing a dungeon *shudders*

And black cherry vanilla root beer floats. WANT ONE

You need to hie thee to the aloe vera.

Scary and hilarious at the same time though, right? :P

It was so good! I wasn't even all that offended that it cost $7.

I bought some today and I keep applying it to my shoulders. Oh sweet relief. They're still glowing red, though. :(

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