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Ahh ... surfing

Went surfing this morning in Hanalei Bay! Surfed before in Maui and had lots of fun doing it and had lots of fun this time too! Had a smile plastered on my face the entire time. I suck at it but it's still really fun. *giggle*

The instructor was this really cute kid. I told Chip the kid was hot and he agreed. ;) But I can't think of him as hot, really, cos he was only 16. *grumble* If he was 18 I could have thought of him as hot. Uhh, where was I? Ahh, surfing ... I'd love to go again, when we're staying in Poipu (on the south shore) but I don't know if we'll have time.

Had lunch at Zelo's in Hanalei then went on a helicopter tour of the island. Saw a lot of lush tropical valleys and waterfalls, and saw the Waimea Canyon, which is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. I actually got kind of weepy ... you could see definite layers in the sides of the canyon, and apparently each represents a lava flow, i.e. a volcano eruption. I just realized I was looking at this depiction of time and my eyes brimmed with tears. I wouldn't even say I was moved, it was just this very direct reaction. Then I thought of Bernie!fic Geology of Love. I'd never have believed that a description of geological processes could make me weepy.

Ooh, and the Na Pali coast. So amazing. The cliffs were fantastic. Really amazing shapes. Won't describe because we have pictures and I'm not too good at describing things. We're going hiking there tomorrow. *grin*

Had dinner at Lemongrass in Kapaa. Yummy food, I guess it counts as Pacific Rim cuisine? They had sushi ... mmm, sushi ...

Okay, up early tomorrow to pack and go hiking, must sleep now. 9.30 PM. *laughs*

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