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Mr. Joe Thornton

Joe Thornton wants to finish his career in San Jose. That is one happy-sounding dude. He has the same take as I do about the deficiency of the team last season, which was that we had a ton of babies, but they'll grow up more next season.

Spezza Spezza Spezza!!! I will have to get 2K8 when it comes out. Well, I still have to get 2K7 first. You know what would be awesome? If they had samples of Spezza's bleating lamb laugh just... everywhere in the game. Like every time you select an item from the menu, *bleat* *bleat* Or when they pan over the bench *bleat* *bleat*

Watched the Home Run Derby yesterday. I think my favourite part was them using those super high frame rate cameras to film the guys hitting home runs, like the kind they used in Planet Earth to film the great whites leaping out of the ocean to eat seals in South Africa. There's just something really beautiful about it. Umm, hitting home runs. Well, the sharks too. :P

More Dan Haren articles. Har.

Haren likes his delightful surpriseCollapse )

No mention of Zito! *gasp* Also, "delightful surprise" sounds really dirty. :(

All-Star Game: Before delivering a pitch, A's Haren hopes to end up with autographsCollapse )

There's that Zito mention. Aww, fanboy!Haren.

Speaking of Zito, the official player representative for the All-Star FanFest, he bailed to go meditate and chat with his dad in SoCal. Swisher's going to replace him today, heh.

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