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Woo, first good night of sleep I've had in a week! :) Only me and Alex (I typed Ales!) were working this week, which is why it's been extra busy. His wife is out of town too, so it's just us around. We went to watch Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which I enjoyed (and greatly appreciated that it was only 1.5 hours long--I think movies that are over 2 hours long better have a damn good reason to be that long :P) and Transformers, which I really liked! (Although like PotC 3, it was too long and could have lost a few subplots) The key to that movie was making the robots look good and they did a fantastic job with it. The metal/paint retained the look of the vehicles and the transform animation was so smooth and plausible. The sounds and voices had that kind of modulated(?) tone to them that made them feel very alive. And I liked that they added humour to it. :)

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