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Mmm... sleep...

After working through the weekend and yes, on the 4th of July, I left work earlysih today to come home and take a nap. :P

Oh man, most entertaining A's game I've seen in a while because Huston Street was in the broadcast booth! He talks and talks and talks, and then he holds up a stuffed animal and waves it around and starts rambling about promotions and stuff, then in the middle of his sentence he looks to the side and asks, just like a little kid, "Hey guys, can I keep this?" And then he starts babbling about how the players get free stuff too, like it's one of the most exciting things about his job.

Then Swisher hits his home run and a little bit later - I forget the context - he says, "I'm going to get on his butt a little bit in the clubhouse." Huston, you can't say that on TV! [Edit: Lira tells me he actually said "in his butt". Yeah.]

Swisher had to do the switch hitter home run celebration dance by himself because Milton Bradley is gone. :(

Instead of going back to the bullpen like a good little boy, Street went down to the dugout and talked Dan Haren's ear off for like an entire inning non-stop. Haren was grinning at him a lot, haha. Street is totally an ace slut. He used to be all puppyish to Zito and now he's all puppyish to Haren. Socute (and a little sad).


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