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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Journalists shouldn't sound like message board people

So I peeked at a couple of Pittsburgh newspapers to read about Petr's signing, and... both of them have the same misconception about Petr, that he's a defensive liability. Now, I realise that it's the stereotype: flashy European goal-scorer who doesn't care about defense. But that's not Petr. Like he's soft, but that's a different thing from being poor defensively. He's actually above average in defensive awareness for a forward. The guy played something like 10 years for New Jersey and Anaheim. He's played the point on the power play. He can skate backwards and not get beaten 1-on-1. :P

From Penguins add 2 vital pieces:
Sykora, meanwhile, will be counted mostly on to generate goals, although it remains to be seen whether his center will be Crosby or Evgeni Malkin, his teammate in Russia during the NHL lockout.

"He's got a great release, a great shot," Shero said. "I really think he'll be a good fit on our top two lines."

Sykora's defensive work is the major flaw in his game, but Shero tried to downplay concerns about that.

"He's a diligent defensive player, I believe," he said. "I think he's aware. He cares, defensively. Is he [four-time Selke Trophy winner] Bob Gainey? I don't think so."

From Penguins perk up with Stanley Cup vets:
"My phone rang at 12:01 (Sunday) and Petr's agent was the first call I got saying Petr's first choice was Pittsburgh," Shero said. "He just loved playing here, he loved the atmosphere ... and seeing the dynamics of the team and where it is this year and some of the kids."
"I think he'll be a very good fit in our top two lines," Shero said. "I'm not sure where he'll play but he gives us another element on the wings. ... He was always a very good player in the playoffs."

I think I've lost an article. It wasn't interesting though, I think? So tired. :(

In RL news, I'll be in Dallas for work in about 3 weeks time! I'm going to be staying at least 2 weeks, might be as long as a month, we'll see. fetisha, want to meet up? :)

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I'm going to miss you when you're in Flyover!

I may or may not be online during the day. Should be at night, though. :)

ohh how come dallas?

aww petr

Going to be on-site support for one of our customers. :)

*waves hand* I'm in the dallas zone too, Mae!

*waves* Hehe! It's a little bit outside Dallas... Richland, I think?

OF COURSE! Cept I don't live in Dallas. Let me know when you're here, I'll figured something out. <3

I'll be a little outside Dallas. I think it's Richland? Where do you live? :) Is Jen nearby?

Dallas in the summer? lol...

HAVE FUN! Make people take you to fun places! I'll be up there in 3 weeks.

and I'll be in Houston tomorrow to kick it at the 'Stros game....

People keep saying that! I did grow up in the tropics, though, so I imagine it'll be about the same.

Thanks! That sounds about the time I'll be there too, probably, we should do something together. :)

I was going to say something about "Sykie's defensive liability is BETWEEN HIS LEGS" but I bet you would have figured that out.

OMG OMG OMG!!! Petr is a daddy now, eee!!! Remind me to show you the pictures later. You can't really see it in this icon but his kid is looking at him like he's really freakish! :)

the reporters here suck. srsly.

the Trib - Rob Rossi is slightly better than the boorish Dave Molinari of the PG.

the back up at the PG, Shelly Anderson, can't get her facts right - ever. and the back up at the Trib - Karen Price, is better.

for the record.

Aww, that's kind of sad to hear given that the team is pretty good now, and was pretty good in the bast too!

It frightens me how much he wants to spend time with kids.

I made a comment to Frala about how he sounds like a pedophile. :(

people are just lazy when they write about european players.

I mean defensive liaility? Rick Nash anyone?

It's like that book Blink. Before they started a blind audition process for orchestra players, women never got picked to play the horns because people believed that they weren't good enough to (lung power, or whatever) and that coloured the way they heard the music even though the judges weren't being willfully prejudiced.

So because Petr is ESL and has blonde highlights, he's a defensive liability. :P

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