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Waterfalls makes the best showers

Oops, didn't update at the end of yesterday. Was too sleepy. As in went to bed at 9 PM. Granted that's Hawaii time, but that's still 11 PM Pacific time.

Woke up yesterday and was profoundly lazy and read The Shadow Over Innsmouth while Chip planned out activities for today. In the end we went for a river kayak trip up the Wailua river, with a little bit of hiking at the end through "jungle" and ended up at Wailua Falls, which is a 100-foot waterfall.

The guide took us along a route that took us by a very cute and pretty little waterfall that flowed over some furry rocks. Well I guess technically they're mossy or algae-y, but they felt furry. :) We stuck our heads in it - that was fun and invigorating. ;)

Chip, the intrepid, swam out there and stood under the waterfall and I tried to join him, but it was so windy I was having problems breathing. The water was really cold and I couldn't stand the whole way, so I figured if I got a cramp and panicked I would probably drown myself since I couldn't breathe properly above the water. Anyway, Chip was really nice and found rocks and logs for me to swim between to get to the base of the waterfall. And I swam backwards so I could breathe.

100-foot waterfalls make really good showers!

*stretch* *stretch* Hmm not aching anywhere, maybe just my shoulders mildly. *cheers personal trainer*

Dude, that was too nice to be a jungle! It wasn't swelteringly hot, it wasn't disgustingly humid, and there weren't any vicious insects around to either drain all your blood or give you awful bites that get all red and infected. I can't believe even the fucking jungles are Americanized. *grin* A mosquito bit me and nothing swelled up! *gasp*

*sigh* I like jungles like that.

Came back sat in the jacuzzi for an hour again *giggles at more Natuzzi in a jacuzzi thoughts* and talked to a couple from Sacramento. The man immediately set off our geekdar, and it was only a matter of time before he revealed himself as a systems architect, i.e. he sort of recommends what hardware and software his company should buy for their needs.

Went for dinner at Coconuts, restaurant across the road from us. Oh, the food was so good!!! *weeps* Ate until I could barely walk again. It helps that good food is cheaper here, compared to California. How scary is that?

Today we are going surfing and going on a helicopter ride around the island. Whee!

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