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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Even the Giants slash Zito and Haren

I went to the Diamondbacks/Giants game tonight (shush) with my roomie because it was Barry Zito bobblehead night! He's now on a shelf and... staring right at me. Hmm, that's kind of creepy. I'm going to have to move that.

I showed up at the ballpark like an hour before the game started (because I'm Singaporean and "kiasu" and very determined to get that free bobblehead) so I had time to walk around the park and investigate the area behind the scoreboard which has super good food. I've been to AT&T Park a few times before, but because I had the time to walk around, I was really struck by how beautiful the park is. Like, it's so beautiful it's almost obscene. Why do the Giants have to play there? :P

Anyway, my thing with the Giants *sigh* is that I cheer for the starting pitchers I like: Zito, Cain, Lincecum and Lowry. Yeah. >.< So I did really enjoy tonight's game! Lowry didn't have a very good first inning - he threw like 25 pitches - but after that he settled down and did pretty good. He got so many strikeouts! And the bullpen didn't blow it (despite Vinnie Chulk and his 24032750 balls), so he got the win.

I bought a program and there was an article in it that was supposed to be about the young Giants pitchers, but actually was about Barry Zito wistfully reminiscing about his harem of pitchers in Oakland.
In particular, Zito found a kindred soul in Haren, and that bond has helped Haren rebound after two tough months in his first full year in the Majors.

At that point I thought they were going to launch into a short fic with lusty Zito/Haren porn, but it just went on to talk about how Haren "raved" to Lowry (his college friend!) about Zito like a giddy schoolgirl.

Later on, they start talking about Tim Lincecum, who is 12 years old (which is probably why I like him) and then Zito starts talking about how much he reminds him of Hudson.
"Huddy has a real power sinker, which is pretty rare in the game," Zito says. "Lincecum is a little guy who generates a lot of velocity. He's got a big stride, and he looks pretty composed."

Then Barry started weeping, mourning the fact that Lincecum isn't actually Hudson, and that he's no longer in Oakland. (My Zito bobblehead nods.)

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I always get to sporting events an hour early lol

I dunno

See, for hockey games it's almost a must for me because I want to watch warm ups. But with baseball games, I don't really have a reason too, haha. Although it's pretty entertaining (or traumatizing) to see guys being stretched by the trainers right there on the field. I feel like parents should cover their kids' eyes or something.

Sometimes I'm glad I don't see Zito more often, because when I do see him, I kinda can't look away. And I was going to follow through with how I can at least be glad that I won't have that problem when the Jays visit the A's in a couple of days (ooh, rhyming), but . . . we're coming to lose anyway, so it'd actually be nice to have a distraction. ::cries::

Ahem. Lost the thread there. AT&T park makes me flail a bit, it's so pretty. Stupid Giants!

So you're saying that he's strangely hypnotic! (He is.) Lose is what the A's have been doing lately. *sigh* The bullpen keeps blowing it. It's like they're trying to emulate the Giants or something. :( At least they won today, though!

Man, today was a great day for baseball. Not exactly warm, but comfortable, and the park was full of people with lots of families and little kids. I think that's what makes the baseball park atmosphere so nice, all the families. :)

I've only ever been to like, two or three real baseball games, but I do like the family atmosphere. :) If I lived near a park you'd never keep me out of there in the summer. Sigh.

I bet they would if you took a flying leap at one of the players!

Aw, that doesn't sound like something I would do often! :P

(despite Vinnie Chulk and his 24032750 balls)

. . . hee.

*is twelve*

If only he were actually that funny.

We really need to go to a Giants game this summer. Really, truly, because I have not been to a Giants game since they played at Candlestick--and called it Candlestick--and that's just not right. Even though I will explode with rage over how much nicer the Giants' stadium is. Then again, their Spring Training facility is nicer than the Coliseum, so. *sigh*

Haren had his first wobbly start of the year today! Four whole runs! *boggles*

It's going to be so much fun! And we will stuff ourselves! Dude, I wonder if they'll let us go down the slide. That would be awesome. But that tube looks really tiny. *sigh*

OMG, his poor ERA!!!

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