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I'll take the hooker, thanks

From zero first round draft picks to two--kinda' nice. The general response to Couture and Petrecki seems to generally be positive, especially to Petrecki, who kind of scares the shit out of me.

I watched their interivews and Couture has a cute cracky voice. crankygeek had many nice things to say about him, so I'm pretty happy. :) Petrecki is... huge, and seems a little obsessed with his "God-given size". And loves Chris Pronger. He also likes scary movies. I think he kind of is a scary movie. had an article about him:
Petrecki has the size, desire to be a big hit
Russ Cohen | correspondent May 28, 2007, 12:00 PM EDT

As a 6-foot-3 defenseman, expectations exist that you will be a physical presence on the ice, using God-given size to intimidate opposing players and deter them from occupying prime real estate in the attacking zone.

When, at 18, you can also already supply a frame that carries more than 200 pounds, those expectations become even more pronounced.

Nick Petrecki, who plays for Omaha in the United States Hockey League, fits the above description to a tee and, as he prepares to be selected early in the upcoming Entry Draft, this young defenseman understands innately that teams interested in choosing him will be looking for a player who hits early and often before even considering the notion of putting offensive points on the board.

“Why not? I’m 6-3, 215 pounds,” he says proudly. “The worst thing you can do is not use your size to your advantage. That would be a sin not to use the size that God has given me. It opens a lot of things up that way.”

Petrecki’s willingness to play the body, and play it well, has many scouts believing he will be a first-round selection in late June when the 2007 NHL Entry Draft commences in Columbus, Ohio. NHL Central Scouting has Petrecki ranked No. 21 in its final ranking of North American skaters.

A powerful defenseman stands out for his ability to hit an opposing player off the puck and get the crowd into the game. But Petrecki is far from a one-dimensional player. His offensive skills have developed rapidly during his time in the USHL and that added aspect of his game will have NHL franchises clamoring for him come draft day.

“My offense really wasn’t there until after Christmas this year,” he said. “It was more of a confidence issue. After the first couple of goals, you get more confidence and more points.”

In his first season playing for the Lancers, Petrecki had just three points and 110 penalty minutes in 53 games. But this past season, his production jumped to 11 goals and 25 points in 54 games. Still, he maintained a physical element, accumulating 177 PIMs.

Petrecki credits much his improvement to the high level of play in the USHL, the only Tier I Junior A league in the United States, and to the tutelage he has received from Omaha coach Mike Hastings.

“It’s been a great experience,” Petrecki said. “I give a lot of credit to Hastings turning me into the player that I am today.”

Like most hockey fans, Petrecki has players that he likes to watch and, ultimately, try to emulate when he is on the ice. Needless to say, Petrecki knows talent when he sees it.

“I do watch big guys like Chris Pronger and Rob Blake,” he admits. “Not real flashy at either end of the rink, but can do solid things with the puck.”

Being drafted into the NHL is a special honor. When that time arrives for Petrecki, he knows it will bring back other special hockey moments in his career.

“It’s every kids' dream to play in the NHL,” Petrecki says. “Ever since I put my skates on at 3 with my dad (Mark Petrecki),” I have had that dream."

Petrecki has never let his immense hockey talent go to his head, though. He spends his summers getting back to his roots in Clifton Park, N.Y., choosing to work and spend time with his family over the traditional summer pursuits – golf or the beach – that occupy the summer days of many other teenagers.

“I work a lot with my dad’s masonry business in the summer,” he said.

When he’s not doing that, he does have something else that he likes to do.

“I like scary movies,” Petrecki said.

As a resident of the Albany area, Petrecki had his choice of NHL teams to support as a kid. The Buffalo Sabres, New York Rangers and New York Islanders all call the Empire State home. So, which one did Petrecki watch when he was growing up?

“Always the Rangers, because I respected Mark Messier,” he says. “I kind of fell in love with the team.”

Someday, this defenseman should get to play a game at Madison Square Garden, the Rangers' home arena. In the meantime, though, Petrecki will start patrolling the blue line for Boston College this fall.

NCAA hockey will be a good challenge for this bruiser, and he may be one of those players that can turn pro after just a few seasons.

He has been moving up the ladder quickly up to this point in his career, so there is no reason to think that it won’t be that way for the rest of his career.

Nicholas Petrecki Scouting Report
Omaha • USHL
6'3", 213 lbs.
Shoots left
Born: July 11, 1989 in Schenectady, NY
Final Ranking: 21 • Mid-Term Ranking: 31
North American Skater

Central Scouting Report: A stay-at-home defenseman with excellent speed and lateral quickness… has a strong physical presence on the ice with the ability to make the big hit… is quick to the puck and makes hard and accurate passes… needs to improve the consistency of his decision-making and discipline.

Hockey Profile: Was named USHL Defensive Player of the Week on Jan. 2, 2007 and again on Mar. 19… ranked fourth among USHL defensemen with 11 goals (11-12-23) in 2006-07 and was sixth in plus minus (+17)... will attend Boston College in the fall of 2007.

Personal Profile: Nickname is Trecks… most memorable hockey game played: Championship game of the Quebec pee wee Tournament – “I was so proud to be there and it was so much fun”… most memorable hockey game watched: 1994
Stanley Cup Final between the Vancouver Canucks and the New York Rangers – “my favorite player at the time was Mark Messier”… admires his father for being a good person, a leader and credits him for having the most influence on his career because “he has showed me what it takes to be successful on the ice and in life”… patterns his game after his favorite player, Anaheim’s Chris Pronger – “he is solid at both ends of the ice”… always eating some type of pasta and taking a nap are parts of his pre-game rituals… favorites include “fake shot with leg kick, backhand to forehand, low blocker shot” (shootout move), New York Rangers (NHL team), Seinfeld (TV show), Dumb & Dumber (movie), Guitar Hero (video game), Bruce Willis (actor) and Fall Out Boy (group).

Season Team League GP G A PTS PIM
2006-07 Omaha USHL 54 11 14 25 177

His reference to his own "God-given size" when he was interviewed on TSN really distresses me! You just shouldn't say things like that about yourself!

I've been curious at times about what kinds of questions the scouting staff ask, and apparently they ask about hookers.

Cougars forward primed for draft
(Sports) Wednesday, 20 June 2007, 03:00 PST
by JIM SWANSON, Citizen Sports Editor

Given the choice of a hotel room, a taxi ride or a prostitute, Dana Tyrell went with the hooker.

Now THAT requires explanation.

It was the scouting staff of the San Jose Sharks that put a challenging scenario in front of Tyrell, the 18-year-old Prince George Cougars centre, during the recent NHL scouting combine in Toronto. The pre-draft mix of fitness testing and interviews where top prospects are poked and prodded by prospective employers has become famous for off-the-wall questions that provide insight into the character of players.

And it was in one of those sessions that Tyrell, as upstanding a citizen as has ever existed in junior hockey, was tested by a question that has likely never been asked of anyone. Or ever will be again.

"San Jose was playing a game with me the whole (interview), trying to see how I'd interact in the dressing room atmosphere," said Tyrell, laughing as he recalled the experience.

"It was weird, and they were just firing questions so fast sometimes I didn't even get a chance to answer. But one question they asked was this -- if I was in Central Park and I knew I was going to die, would I pick up a hooker, get a cab and drive away even though the cab driver was going to kill me, or get a hotel room to die there? They were laughing at my answer.

"San Jose also tested me, because they knew about my scholastic awards. They asked things like what's the longest river in Canada? Some of them I couldn't answer, and it made me feel like an idiot."

Tyrell became the darling of NHL scouts early last season for his tireless work ethic and selfless attitude, attributes not shared by all his teammates. The honest approach paid off as Tyrell became just the second Prince George Cougar to score 30 goals as a 17-year-old -- current New York Rangers centre Blair Betts was the first. Tyrell rocketed up the rankings as his numbers climbed

Depending on which list you trust, Tyrell will go anywhere from the first round to the third round. Central Scouting has him at 15th among North American skaters; The Hockey News sees him at 34th overall; McKeen's at 28th; Red Line Report at 30th; International Scouting Service at 35th; and TSN at 37th.

Most of those rankings came out prior to the combine, and Tyrell raised his stock by being among the strongest and best-conditioned athletes in Toronto. That he carries an A average in school and is a low-maintenance personality only helps his profile.

"There are all the rankings and all the talk, I know about that, but I'm trying not to have any expectations going in because things might not go the way I want them to," said Tyrell, who is represented by former Kamloops Blazer Jared Bousquet.

"I'm not expecting to go in the top three rounds, but my agent has told me I'll go no later than the second. I'd be happy going anywhere, and of course it would be even better to be in the top three rounds.

"I set a goal going to the combine of being the most-fit guy there, and I was among the best in that area, I think. I like to set goals -- I wanted to score 20 goals last season, so to pass that and get 30 was something I was very happy with. It was great that the team had a long playoff run, I didn't always play the way I wanted to but team success will help me for the draft, there's no question."

Tyrell, who lives in Airdrie, Alta., flies out of Calgary today and will arrive in Columbus, Ohio, where the draft starts Friday. The first round -- which Tyrell hopes to be part of -- goes that evening, with the remaining rounds on Saturday.

"People are telling me that all that has to happen is for one team to like me -- they've been stressing that," said Tyrell, who will have his parents with him in Columbus.

"I'm the kind of guy who worries a lot, so my dad and my agent keep saying that's all it takes for me to go higher. A team like Florida seems to be really high on me, and when I get to Columbus I'll be meeting with Florida, Tampa Bay and Calgary. I'll be meeting their coaches, general managers and owners, things like that."

I wonder if we'll get him. :) We already have two of his teammates from this season, hehe.

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