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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Marc-Edouard Vlasic

The kids are all right

So, I missed this when it was first announced - I suspect because I was in a daze that week - but both Matt Carle and Vlasic made the NHL All-Rookie Team!!! I am super proud of Vlasic particularly because it's a little tougher for defensive defensemen to get noticed for these things. :)

I love this quote from him about Carle:
“Matt (Carle) racked up a lot of points and can move the puck. He belongs on the power play," said Vlasic.

Which totally sounds to me like, "he belongs on the power play and just stay there!!!"

Toskala and Mark Bell have been traded, a move that is no surprise whatsoever. I'm a little puzzled that Vesa's going to Toronto, where they already have a legitimate #1 goalie, and kind of sad if he'll have to run the goalie deathmatch gauntlet for the third year in a row. :\ Anyway, I'm glad they went to a team I like. :D

So I've only gotten around to watching the LotR extras this year and... OMG all the man kissiness!!! Like, I always thought that the explosion of LoTRiPS was because of the popularity of the movies and the hotness of the guys - and I'm sure those are major reasons - but there's also the fact that the guys are constantly kissing each other. Billy Boyd alone has reportedly kissed five guys. Like I understand Viggo being all kissy because he's from a different country (different countries) but I don't think that explanation should apply to British guys.

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I don't know, unless something goes awry, I think Vesa's a step up from Raycroft. My reaction was kind of "aw, fuck," so IMO it's not a bad move for the Leafs. :P

Oh, the LotR boys are gayer than ANYTHING, and I think that had a lot to do with the popularity of LotRiPS. Even at premieres and stuff they could barely stay off each other.

Well, Raycroft + Vesa > Raycroft + Aubin, at least. :P

I'd seen a picture or 2 of smooches at various events but never really went looking for it, then last night I see Viggo being interviewed all serious and suddenly Orlando Bloom pounces on him and starts smooching him excitedly! :)

But then there's a picture of Viggo in a smoldering lip lock with David Cronenberg and I start to worry a little bit.

Well, Raycroft + Vesa > Raycroft + Aubin, at least. :P

Yeah, that's for sure. :P

. . . The Cronenberg thing is a little disturbing, but yeah, there was so much pouncing and touching and kissing with those boys, it was hard to keep track of it all! And Viggo and Orli were the prettiest best. And awww, I miss them.

I love how they split up into little groups divided by their roles in the movie and there's like lots of love within the groups, but then there's also love between the groups.

Hmm, did Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom kiss a bunch too? :P

Yes, me too! They were like a real-life Fellowship. <3 Except, largely, even gayer.

Hmm, did Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom kiss a bunch too? :P

Haha, with Orli basically man-crushing on Johnny (as he does with any good-looking, talented actor), not much would surprise me. :P

So much gayer!!! Like... the lingering gazes of love in the movie were chaste and subtle compared to what was happening off-camera! So awesome, hehe. :)

I think vesa is gonna be # 1 no question

That would be nice for him. :)

One thought I had was that Raycroft needs a mentor.

The kid (he's *just* 27 - May birthday) never had one and was sorta tossed into the starter spot in Boston the season before the Lockout, which is when he won the Calder.

He's good, but inconsistent.

Tosk... well... as tersa pointed out to me, he's Strelow trained. *g* And he's 30 and is just likely old enough to be a mentor of sorts. And, from what I saw, a little more consistent than Raycroft.

Not only that, I've watched when Raycroft either lets a goal in or gets the loss or something... he doesn't handle it well... Tosk does better in the few games I saw... so, yeah... I think this is a mentor type thing.

Not to mention the fact that Tosk (at least per the CBC.ca article) is 30...

Just IMO here. Not saying Raycroft isn't legit #1, but I think he needs a little mentoring too.


Generally mentors are very important for skaters, but goalies are strange. If anything, he needs a good goalie coach to settle him down. I think Vesa is mostly athe kind of guy who's in his own world, not because he's selfish or anything, but he's just kind of spacy and oblivious.

I wholeheartedly agree. I was sort of horrified that Carle was selected. And no Clowie? Are they serious? I bet he just went up and punched Matt Carle in the face. Eh.

You know, the thing is, Carle is probably so much better than rookie defensemen on other teams. And Clowe has no chance vs Malkin, Paul Stastny, Anze Kopitar, Jordan Staal, etc. etc.

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