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The kids are all right

So, I missed this when it was first announced - I suspect because I was in a daze that week - but both Matt Carle and Vlasic made the NHL All-Rookie Team!!! I am super proud of Vlasic particularly because it's a little tougher for defensive defensemen to get noticed for these things. :)

I love this quote from him about Carle:
“Matt (Carle) racked up a lot of points and can move the puck. He belongs on the power play," said Vlasic.

Which totally sounds to me like, "he belongs on the power play and just stay there!!!"

Toskala and Mark Bell have been traded, a move that is no surprise whatsoever. I'm a little puzzled that Vesa's going to Toronto, where they already have a legitimate #1 goalie, and kind of sad if he'll have to run the goalie deathmatch gauntlet for the third year in a row. :\ Anyway, I'm glad they went to a team I like. :D

So I've only gotten around to watching the LotR extras this year and... OMG all the man kissiness!!! Like, I always thought that the explosion of LoTRiPS was because of the popularity of the movies and the hotness of the guys - and I'm sure those are major reasons - but there's also the fact that the guys are constantly kissing each other. Billy Boyd alone has reportedly kissed five guys. Like I understand Viggo being all kissy because he's from a different country (different countries) but I don't think that explanation should apply to British guys.
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