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The Invincible M.A.E.

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AvP *thumbs up*

Watched Alien vs. Predator this morning and... it was surprisingly good! I mean, it did have a niggling annoyance in that aliens don't incubate, then grow, that fast, but I understand they had to do that for pacing reasons. The Antarctica setting was great, reminded me of The Thing, and I really loved the artwork on the pyramid, with the alien and predator motifs all over the place. The acting was pretty good too, although I wonder if I just thought the movie was a fairly quality production because I'd just watched Alone in the Dark the day before. Tara Reid can make anyone else look like an Oscar winner. :P

If I wasn't such a chickenshit, I would play the AvP computer game. :( Horror movies scare me enough; not to the point that I don't watch them, but I do close my eyes at certain scenes and I really hate when stuff jumps out, no matter what it is (usually the cat). Playing a game is even scarier because in a way, it's actually happening to you. I could only ever play Clive Barker's Undying during the day. *shamefaced*

I'm going to try to hit the gym every day - or almost every day - from now on. So many good things come from it: I feel healthier, it helps me get enough sleep, I could lose some weight, I can go to the grocery store after my workout since it's right there and buy food to cook instead of eating out (thus not leading to the situation where I need to lose weight). Never making the mistake of going at 7 PM again, though. The place was packed and it's June, so it's not the dreaded New Year's Resolution People who tend to fade away by March. I did see a ridiculously hot guy, though. :P

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Alas, he was not. He looked like he just walked out of a WB show or something, haha.

So he had terrible hair and was a 35 year old senior in h/s?

Pretty much. The hair was more European hockey player post-shower, though.

Ooooo I JUST asked my dad how that movie was the other day and he said the same thing, "surprisingly good"...I'm gonna rent it now.

It's just one of those movies that sounds like it would be spectacularly awful, eh?

We should totally watch scary movies together, because I do the same thing and therefore you will not laugh at me like certain other people do. Boys who will go unmentioned. And stuff jumping out SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME. Seriously... I remember playing Tomb Raider with my dad, like, eleventy million years ago, and a tarantula jumped out and I screamed so loud his ears rang afterwards. :( I hate Haunted Houses for the same reason. I had a panic attack at one and that was, like, 3 years ago. :(:(

Dude, when stuff jumps out I always jump and/or shriek. Like, it doesn't even matter what it is! A bunny could hop out suddenly out of the dark and I would be ahhhhhhhh!!!

You know, an inherent flaw to our plan is that if we both close our eyes, we won't know what happened. But then we can rewind afterwards! Brilliant!

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