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Have you risked your life today?

Went hiking up Nounou Mountain (Sleeping Giant), so named because its profile looks like a man lying on his back. The end of the trail, which takes you up to the "head" is kind of treacherous. You have to go over rock with a steep drop on either side. So Chip and I merrily and foolishly risked our lives hiking along it - it doesn't seem that scary while actually doing it, really! :)

Went and lounged around the pool to kill time before our luau. Chip was surprised that the water was cold. Well, it's not like they're going to heat the pool in the tropics. Even our pools in Singapore are cold. The jacuzzi was hot though, so we sat in there for a while. *sudden Natuzzi in a jacuzzi thoughts*

The luau was ... okay, I guess. It was held in this garden that has lots of roosters, geese and peacocks running around and lots of trees that grow on the island. The food was buffet-style and was okay, definitely not comparable to last night's food. The show was after dinner and it was okay as well. Quite the production. But long. I was falling asleep at the end.

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