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The Invincible M.A.E.

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So he's just a terrible actor then?

I lost my glasses. :(

I never wore them except at hockey games, but but... I really liked them! :( They were Kate Spade, of all things. I'm going to go into denial about having lost them and hope that they pop up one day. I think the last time I had them was at Game 6 against the Wings. Wah.

I'm about 6 years late to the party, but umm, I really love Orlando Bloom! I'm fascinated with how a 30-year-old in modern society can possibly not really use the Internet. Hmm, and having skimmed his Wiki entry, it seems that he's a Buddhist, environmentalist and somewhat of an idiot. It gets even better!

He's been appearing on talk shows a lot recently because of Pirates 3, and he seems like such a warm, funny, intelligent, interesting person--completely unlike anyone he's played in the movies! which is why I never really noticed him before. Like he went through LotR kind of squinting a lot, and he went through Pirates... you know, it's really hard to remember what he was like with Johnny Depp around. Usually you have kind of idiotic actors bumbling around in real life (like Anthony Hopkins) but then go on to play really fantastic roles (Hannibal!), so I guess Orlando Bloom is the opposite. ;)

And I think I like boys with older sisters, because they keep them humble. *segues* Andy McDonald has two sisters, and I think at least one of them is older.

June 6, 2007
McDonald a hometown hero

It would be fitting if a man who was told he'd never play hockey professionally because he was too small brings home professional hockey's biggest prize.

A lot of people in Strathroy are looking forward to having hometown hero Andy McDonald show up this summer with the Stanley Cup.

McDonald's Anaheim Ducks are one win away from lifting the NHL title. They lead the Ottawa Senators in the best-of-seven final 3-1 with Game 5 tonight.

As improbable a scenario as the Ducks as Stanley Cup champs would have been years ago, the image of McDonald strolling into Strathroy's Derby Inn with the Cup in hand would be in the realm of fantasy.

For all of McDonald's outstanding accomplishments, few in hockey's establishment believed he would make it professionally. McDonald wasn't drafted by an Ontario Hockey League or NHL team.

"I was at a Strathroy Blades game doing video when I saw an OHL scout," said Dave Honsberger, involved with the junior B team many years. "I said to him, 'Can you tell me why Andy McDonald was never drafted?' He said, 'Sure, that's easy. He's too small, too slow, not strong enough and doesn't have enough natural hockey ability to play at the OHL level.' Wow!"

Wow is right. When the OHL passed on him, McDonald went to play at Colgate. He wasn't drafted even though he was the NCAA scoring champion, ECAC player of the year and a Hobie Baker finalist for the best U.S. collegiate player.

"Nobody, not Andy or his family ever said much about that," said friend Lee Whiteside, who owns a sports store in Strathroy. He has a sign in front supporting McDonald and an Andy McDonald shrine inside. "Now, we're all looking forward to seeing Andy bring the Stanley Cup here.

"People come in here and talk about seeing the Cup and cars drive by and honk. It's all so positive."

Whiteside travelled with McDonald's father Steve to see Andy play. McDonald's parents are in California in hopes they'll be able to celebrate with their son. It would be quite a celebration considering how close McDonald came to never playing.

Not only was there the belief he was too small but also when he did make it, he suffered a concussion that forced him to miss the last 29 games of the 2002-03 season, including Anaheim's playoff run that took them to the Stanley Cup final.

"Quiet" and "down-to-earth" are words that you hear repeatedly when anyone describes McDonald.

"Even he should be blowing his horn, but he won't. His parents won't either," Whiteside said. "He's just a quiet, respectful kid."

Mark Tyler's family owns the Derby Inn. Ron and Marci Tyler have owned it for more than 30 years. Mark Tyler player minor hockey with McDonald and McDonald plays in the Derby Inn golf tournament in the summer. Ron was a big supporter of Strathroy minor hockey before died. The Derby Inn is a place to be on game night.

"He may have become a superstar but he hasn't changed," said Tyler whose family owns the Derby Inn. Tyler played minor hockey with McDonald. "People in this town are excited. They can hardly wait for Game 5. We're hoping that when Andy wins it, the Cup will be making a stop at the Derby Inn. I know my Dad would have loved to see Andy do well. After 30 years of being here, I'm hoping my mother gets a chance to drink out of the Cup."

It's been a memorable year in Strathroy. The junior B Rockets made it to the Ontario Hockey Association Sutherland Cup final. There was great hope the Stanley Cup final would be between Anaheim and Buffalo Sabres making it a head-to-head between McDonald and another Strathroy native, Sabres defenceman Bryan Campbell.

Tyler has a Facebook site that's entitled Strathroy is Hockey Town which has almost 300 friends, many of them cheering McDonald on and offering him support.

Pat Stapleton said there's more to Andy McDonald than just a hockey player or hockey hero. The former NHL star coached McDonald on the Rockets for two years in the mid-90s.

"He's a role model for every boy that plays hockey," Stapleton said. "The fact he was never drafted, he didn't take any of that into consideration. He just played the game and let the results speak for themselves. He's always been a results oriented guy. Last summer, I went to the rink with another kid who hadn't been drafted and I saw Andy skating there, breaking in a new pair of skates. I said to Andy, 'explain to this boy who was not drafted and has tremendous athletic ability, explain what to do.' And he said 'use it as motivation.' Andy is a teaching tool for every kid. Kids lose hope because they're not drafted when they're 15. That didn't enter into Andy's equation at all. "

This isn't the first time McDonald has raised the passions of Strathroy's hockey fans. In the 1995-96 season, McDonald scored a goal in double overtime that allowed the fourth-place Blades to eliminate first-play Aylmer. "Chris Wells and Stan Moore from Colgate were here following another player from Aylmer," Stapleton said. "After three or four games they said to me, 'what do you think of McDonald? I said 'the guy you're following, he's beat him to the puck every time.' They said 'you're right,' and took him right there."

For a guy whose standing a town on its ear, McDonald is a quiet hero.

"There was never any question about his ability," Stapleton said. "He was very quiet, very humble, unassuming. He let his actions do his talking."

The idea of an Andy McDonald shrine is kind of terrifying. And I remember at the All-Star Game Andy said he used to play ball hockey with Brian Campbell! This article kinda' reminds me of his interview after Game 5, when he was talking about how his dream of being in the NHL faded as he got older, which made me all heart twingy and stuff. *sniffle*

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Apparently I don't have an icon at the moment, but I love Orlando Bloom ridiculously. I also love his tendency to land in these big movies with really attractive casts (LotR, Pirates, Troy) -- it's very handy! Did you ever see Elizabethtown? He wasn't bad in that, I don't think. (Or else I just hate Kirsten Dunst and her horrible teeth so much that he seemed better by comparison. Either way!)

Yeah, I think he was talking about how amazing it was that he hit it big coming straight out of school.

I got the impression that Elizabethtown was some kind of romantic comedy and so I ran away screaming. Ironically, I can't stand movies or television shows that are solely about romance or relationships, hence I avoid Grey's Anatomy. :P

Oh yeah, I think Elizabethtown was sort of a drama/romantic comedy.

Hee, I just avoid Grey's Anatomy because I think it's annoying and wildly overrated. :P

Yeah, but didn't he try to kill himself with a bike somehow?

Well, yeah. Uh. That was the drama? :P

... It wasn't very dramatic. I remember laughing more than anything. :p

The problem with shows where everyone has sex with everyone else is... you run out of pairings. There's only so many combinations you can have. In general I find that shows that aren't about relationships do a much better job with depicting relationships. :P

Hee, yes.

And honestly, I just find that shows like GA have too many of the not-fun kind of self-involved assholes, and ... I can find plenty of those in real life. :P

LOL! That's vaguely why I don't watch reality TV. I see real people every day in like... life. I want to watch fake people on TV. *grin*

I loves me some Andy! The Ducks' site has a TON of pictures, even a session of the boys on the beach with the Cup. So pretty!

Ahhhhhhhh *cries*

*giggle* Andy is so tiny. And so unphotogenic, haha.

This is the link for all the galleries, and one of my favorites...

Yeah, I went to look after you mentioned it, that's why I was like *cries* And then I got a little nostalgic that it wasn't the 2003 team that won it, because I liked that team more (even though this year's team is much better). But then there was no Andy. *conflicted* I think I just like the idea of Giguere and Chouinard getting all drunk and giggly together. :)

Oooh...yeah, the '03 team was so great. I miss Paulie a lot sometimes. I can just imagine all the drunken sweatiness he and Teemu would have shared if he were still here.

*shrieks* Nooooooooo, all they do is sit in bed and hug stuffed animals together!

Well then who would they share the drunken sweatiness with? Or don't they do that?

Teemu doesn't! *covers ears and eyes*

AHHHH! That is brilliant!!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

You are welcome! Vive Les Canards! *laughs*

You lost your glasses at ANOTHER hockey game? Did you have to go into a dungeon underneath the stadium to refind them?

You know, I really enjoyed that in Troy that he was a big fat wuss and everyone knew it. He played that part so well.

I think an Andy shrine would consist of 3 hockey cards and a stick he sent home.

It's the only place I actually use them! I'm going to keep refusing to believe they're gone.

Now I want to watch Troy!

Maybe a box of a turkey TV dinner too.

Not a turkey TV dinner...a box of real Kraft Dinner. :)

oh come over to the dark side.

also he's talked a lot about the purity of the acting experience and the reaon's behind him "going onto the stage".

oh Orlando. you little love monkey.

I think I like him for the same reasons I like the bass player in the band that i totally am devouring slash about: there is an excellent chance he is actually border-line retarded.

I did see one of those talk show appearances where he said he wanted to do the stage thing because he'd gone straight from drama school to movies and it was kind of weird.

I just find him so much more interesting as a person than as an actor! I get all excited when he's on a talk show, but I don't think I would be especially keen to see him in any movies. :P

Dude, when I read that he broke his back when he slipped trying to climb onto the roof I almost died laughing. He was 21.

He must have been totally hell pissed as well.

I like him he seems to know just how lucky he is and instead of brooding or being a wanker about the whole thing he's living a good life and trying to be humble, and maybe he can be talked into gay sex for cookies.

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