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The Invincible M.A.E.

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"I played my balls off tonight"

First of all, way to spoil the moment by having the first 4 guys to hold the Cup be the grossest guys on the team. :P

Man, I think the only way I could be happier is if the Sharks won the Cup. :D It's just so good to see a team that plays great hockey get rewarded for it. I definitely like individual guys on the team, but at the same time there are some really gross people on it: Teemu, Pronger, Rob Niedermayer, Scott Niedermayer (actually the only reason I think he's gross is that he's Rob's brother, so he's gross by association). And I dislike Getzlaf as a person too, although I do really like that he said that he played his balls off tonight. :P

I thought I had so much to say, but I think I've pretty much said it all to abby20 already.

[Edit: Oh, one more thing! People can just shut it with the "long layoff" bullshit. The Ducks had a long layoff too. 9 days vs 6 days is not the same as 5 days vs 2 days. Rust typically sets in after 3-4 days. There is nothing and nobody to be blamed. Both teams played their best and the better team won.]

Is it time for next season to start yet?

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He was holding his widdle baby. *cries*

This is killing me with the n'aws!

My heart felt all funny when I saw him holding his baby on the ice. :)

dancing to glamourious? why did they admit to that on national television?!

They are so going to be mocked for all eternity, or at least unto the 3rd generation.

I'm just curious, how can a Sharks fan be a Ducks fan. I mean, I know that Ducks and Kings fans hate each other, but I thought Sharks and Ducks didn't care all that much for each other either. Or is it just a cute boys thing. ;)

I'm pretty much the only one. :P It all started in 2003 when the Sharks didn't make the playoffs and I'd been casually following the Ducks (because of Tammy, actually!) throughout the season and picked them as the team to cheer for in the playoffs. (This is a much longer story I can share if you want to hear).

Ultimately, I just really like teams that play good hockey the way it should be played, which has been a problem this season and last since I like the Ducks and the Stars. :P In head to head match ups there is never any question, but once the Sharks were out, there's really nothing to hold it back.

I'm not into the whole rivalries thing, having not followed any sports at all until fairly late in life. Like I'll hate teams because they're evil (like the Avalanche) but not because they're a rival of my team.

At least there were teams in the Finals this year that I honestly felt should have been there. They both had down sections, but were playing their best hockey when it counted and didn't back in.
The Avalanche are definately evil! lol...

Yeah. I'm so glad they missed the playoffs this year. It makes it even better that they almost caught up to the Flames and then got eliminated on like the 2nd last game of the season. *cackles*

Why don't you like the Niedermayers?

After you-know-who, Rob just seemed all creepy and beady-eyed and gross.

I KNOW! It was traumatic, well it was anyway btu you know?

*hugs you*

man there should be no talk of a long layoff excuse any more than there shold be talk of choking *nods*

no more hockey makes me sad

Yeah, it like... adds to the horror.

*hugs* I thought TSN had a pretty fair assessment of the series and Duthie specifically pointed out that the Sens didn't choke this year.

Yeah... finally I'll watch the All-Star Game, I guess! :P

he did I thought so too.

hee that works! *Hug*




yeah hell of a leader there alfredson.


I hate the senators.

LOL!!! Although Alfie did score the only 2 Sens goals. :\ But yeah, there's definitely an element of relief, too.

He is! I have to fast forward past him usually! But he wasn't really last night. It was kind of nice to see him crying with his family and feeling happy for him that he almost retired but then got another chance to win the Cup, and will probably retire after this.

I want to thank you for being a respectful fan ;) And y'know, a real one since you didn't start watching the Ducks this postseason.

I may not like the Ducks, I may hate Chris Pronger but the picture of Jiggy and is son? That made me awwww. lol

Haha, thanks. ;) I find it really mysterious that everyone is bringing up these Ducks fans coming out of the woodwork and... I haven't seen any of them on my friends list! It was just and Amy and Lisa, I felt so alone, haha.

Oh, I can't stand Chris Pronger too. Although I think it's hilarious how he's picking up all these fanbases who boo him. I do frown upon the Sens fanbase for booing him before he elbowed somebody in the head. Premature booage!

It's pretty cute. :) Amazing that the baby slept through it all. He's going to be hearing some stories about it as he gets older.

I don't mind Duck fans, as long as they've been watching them for awhile now. I just don't like people that come playoffs and the Ducks start winning they are like OMG YAY and then make posts with huge pictures of Pronger to annoy me :)

How old is he? I was just like awww! And then there was one of him sitting in the cup and he had one eye open like "what the heck?" heh *feels dirty* ;)

Huge pictures of Pronger would annoy me too. :P

I don't know the exact date, but he was born just before the playoffs started, Maxime Oliver. :) Not sure if you heard the story, but he has a deformed right eye, and possibly was blind in the left eye too (but they found out he's not) and Giguere missed the first week of the playoffs to take care of him and stuff.

I remember hearing something about that, I just tend to block stuff like that out ;) *giggles*

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