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The Invincible M.A.E.

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It was a good night for guys I would like to marry!

Mark Ellis hit for the cycle and Andy McDonald got 2 goals and an assist. If TP had done something cool it would have been the prospective husband hat trick!

I ended up watching the game at my office on the cbc.ca feed, which was probably better than watching at home on NBC. :P Of course Andy scored both his goals when I went to the bathroom. >.< I also managed to miss what seems to be every single "highlight" of the game, including: Chris Neil's embellishment, Emery's embellishment, Alfie shooting a puck at Niedermayer's head, and Niedermayer angrily engaging Alfie (a phrase from a newspaper article which makes me envision a librarian on a rampage).

I do however have the NBC broadcast on TiVo, and will be able to see everything I missed, while alternately being screamed at by Doc Emrick and Pierre McGuire in the Stanley Cup Final version of boot camp. I miss Jim Hughson. :(

Went hiking at Elkhorn Slough on Sunday with Angela. It's basically one big marsh (no fallen warriors floating under the surface of the water, though) and we saw some wildlife, including a brown bunny that zipped across the trail in front of us, some egrets, and a small wooden trough built to be a habitat for red-legged frogs, which are apparently an endangered species and tough to spot.

Tammy sent me a zombie because she loves me. *cries*

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I was watching at my mom's house and the Sens scored the first goal; then I left there and on the way home Andy scored twice. Then, I get home and flip on the TV and OTT ties it! Bah!

I almost didn't want to watch the rest, but I'm glad I did so I could see Alfie go all batshit crazy in a way that is usually reserved for Finns. lol

Oh, and at the end of the game, I told redlight25 that I thought poor Doc was going to need a lozenge and a pitcher of martinis. :D


Andy is so shy he only scores when people aren't watching.

Is there a cure for Andy McDonald? Argh.


That is by far the best answer that question will ever have!

god pierre is an idiot, I don't know who he has naked pictures of, but that must be the only way that he still has a job.

I was actually fine with him on TSN in small doses, but in combination with Emrick, it's just this unrelenting aural assault. :(

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